Monday, February 29, 2016


When I first was introduced to recycling in the home it was presented by the government as something that all Americans had to do to save the planet. I did not want to be the one responsible for destroying the earth so I dutifully attempted to fill my green bin and my blue bin. The bins were exchanged to one big trash can which should make recycling easier.
As easy as recycling became it seemed that the members of my household were not as enthusiastic as I was to separate trash. Every week recyclable items was found in the trash can.
And then I made it my personal responsibility to separate the recyclables from the un-recyclables. I came up with clever ways to get my family to place the empty drinking containers in the designated blue trash can which I kept in the house and then transferred the contents to the big green bin the government issued.  After about 2 months I was amazed at how often I had to take the full trash can to the recycling trash can outside.

We were drinking to many sodas!

Now I am learning how to re-purpose things. There are some things I re-purpose (a fancy word for recycle) for my projects or general use. This is a brief list:

  • Coffee cups from McDonald I use for my craft projects: melting soy for candles, mixing paint.   When finished it goes in the recycle bin.
  • My favorite mugs then are chipped or otherwise unusable become pencil holders (I cut a water bottle to line the cup)
  • Old water bottles are used as plant containers- seed starters and such
  • Card board sheets (found in paper stock and other places) become   dividers for notebooks 
  • And of course paper become note pads
  • I no longer buy wrapping paper for gifts but use gift bags which can be re-purposed.
I am sure there are other things that I re-purpose, this is just the list I developed from glancing around my office.

My attitude towards recycling has changed because I now see the benefits of doing so. I was watching an episode of “The Vanilla Ice Project”  (on the DIY Network) he and his “Ninjas” were installing this beautiful bathroom sink that was attached to a top made of recycled bottles.  I have seen people who have taken old tires and made beautiful gardens. Artist use one man’s trash to make beautiful and expensive treasures. For me it is just another way to not only save money but another way to challenge the mind.

The biggest benefit I received from taking recycling seriously: I discovered how unhealthy I was eating and made the necessary corrections.