Wednesday, March 30, 2016


To many people waste words when they pray, somethings are just to foolish for God and other things just don’t have anything to do with what he wants in your life. God said His word would not return to Him void (that’s Isaiah 55 verse 11). He is not interested in your opinion or what you think should happen. If you read your Bible you will know what to talk to Him about.

In the book of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 it God said: “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” This is important for you to remember because it is also written in the book of Isaiah that your ways and thoughts are not like His ways and thoughts; He said His ways and thoughts are higher than yours. (That is found in the book of Isaiah chapter 55 verses 8 and 9- look it up!)
People keep telling God what they want and what they think and how they think things should be done. When things do not go according to their plans they say God said ‘no’.
I know I am going against popular opinion when I say this but: God does not say ‘No’! Again it is written: In the book of Second Corinthians Chapter one verses eighteen through twenty:
“But as God is faithful, our word to you was not Yes and No But for the Son of God, Jesus Christ, who was preached among you by us- by me, Silvanus, and Timothy- was not Yes and No, but in Him was Yes. For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”
Did you get that? “Through the glory of God.” You asking for stuff that does not even reach heaven. God did not say No.
Now some people say: I pray God’s promises and I did not get what I prayed for. Get your Bible again and read in the book of Romans:
“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.”  (Romans 8:28-30)

When you talk to God in prayer the first conversation you should have is that of acknowledging His son as Lord and Savior. You have to fully understand and appreciate what it means to be saved because then you will know what and how to pray. To many people pray for things God already gave them.

Personally, I think your prayers should be more praise and worship than petition.

In both 2nd Corinthians and Romans Scripture talks about the glory of God. God wants you to look good so that He looks good ACCORDING TO His purpose and plans for your life. In other words your conversation to Him HAS TO agree with His reason for bringing you into this world.
A missionary in Pakistan does not need the newest Lamborghini.

You ever had one of your children or someone you know say something so outlandish that you don’t even respond? That’s what God does. He does not say “no” He doesn’t have to.

1 John 5:14-15 (KJV)
14  And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:
15  And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph

Friday, March 25, 2016

99 1/2

Last week I visited a church that Deaconess Larson, a neighbor, invited me to. It was one of those house churches; you know the kind of church people start in their homes when they get pissed off at their Pastor.
So, I go there my first impression was positive. The chairs were comfortable there was a designated area for the pulpit. I saw a very large drum set, key board, big speakers and three microphones. I wanted to like this church, after all the I had known Hallie for many many years.
My problem going in was: I have a mental block when it comes to traditional black churches! I’m sorry, that came out wrong. What I should have said was:I am not fond of churches in which there is a lot of noise, songs that were meant to be sung in 5 minutes  being extended to fifteen minutes because the soloist must take deep breaths and sing “Jesus” until he or she has no more breath in every note: “Jeeeeeeeeeeeeee-aus!”  “Jeeeeeeeeeee-zus!” (I think I heard my Savior say: What in the world do you want?!) But that was OK at least you could understand the words despite the loud drum and the singers were all in the right key.
Maybe they do this in other churches but, the black churches I visit have a message problem (strictly my opinion). Some preachers, in traditional churches, take two words out of the Bible (not necessarily in context) and preach an hour and a half without backing their words up with Scripture references.  This Pastor actually used the entire Bible verse, kudos for him. I think there was more shouting in that church / living room than there was preaching, which is why I do not do traditional Black people churches. I do not like all the unnecessary hollering.
Nevertheless, the music did remind me of when I was a child- happy thoughts. Far be it from me to waste a Sunday morning I did glean a message out of the sermon; if you ignore the words that do not agree with Scripture and you know what the Bible really says anyone can make a message out of a mess. However, when they asked me if I was interested in being a member: I respectfully declined. I could not join a church when not only did the Pastor confess his illnesses from the pulpit but the other members followed suit.
After the worship  and before the Pastor  preached their was an invitation for people to give testimonies (emphasis on the moan!). For about twenty minutes I heard about how sick various people were. Aas the Pastor began his message he let everyone know he was going to preach despite the pain in his back. After he finished preaching he said he had to go because he was in excruciating pain.  Talk about a spirit of infirmity.

Why would anyone want to join a church with all of those sick folks??? And they have the audacity to have healing prayer service before the official service begins. SMH! Shaking My Head for sure!!

Jesus healed us over a thousand years ago. I know that with some, myself included, the manifestation of our healing is not instant never-the-less I am healed and its’ manifestation did come.  God is a one hundred percent God not a ninety-nine and one half percent God. When the Bible says Jesus endured 39 stripes so that you would be healed it meant just that: you are healed from the top of your head to the souls of your feet.

Deaconess Larson invited me to her church again and I respectfully declined.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph

Monday, March 14, 2016


A bunch of the girls came over to my house last Friday and we got to talking about shopping. Not for clothes but house stuff. Me and Mrs Church mop floors with this thing we call a “Cuban mop” because we both learned this method from a Cuban friend.
A Cuban mop as we dub it is simply a wooden “T” stick that you place a wet cloth on the bottom of, the top of the “T” would be the bottom of the stick if used for a mop. We use to be able to purchase the orange cloth from the store for a dollar and it has now gone up in price; apparently everyone is mopping floors with the “Cuban mop” it is better on my back than a regular mob and easier to use.if you have a bad back it is the best thing!
Anyway, next we started talking about toilet paper and paper towels. My friends are brand loyalist when it comes to these things, I am not going to spend to,o much money on something that I know I am buying to throw away. What shocked me is the amount of paper towels they used.
When I was born we had the cheapest toilet paper there was and we used the towel that was in the bathroom to dry our hands. Momma always had a dishrag hanging from her apron and she always had her apron on. But when I got married and started having kids I kept hand towels in the bathroom; it did not cause there to be more clothes to wash because most of the time those children used their clothes to dry their hands- if they actually washed them. However, though I did buy paper napkins my children always had cloth napkins at the dinner table, where we ate every night as a family.
My friends purchase large quantities of paper towels and designer toilet paper every month, that is a lot of money that is being thrown away. Even on sale they are purchasing twice the amount of paper goods than I am, plus they buy paper napkins.
Now, I do not buy the cheapest toilet paper but I am not going to buy the most expensive either my philosophy: don’t wipe so rough and it won’t feel so tough. I do purchase the cheapest paper towels I can find; I will put paper towels in the bathroom for company to dry their hands.
Am I too broke to buy the good stuff? No. Am I too cheap to buy the good stuff? No. I firmly believe some things are just not necessary. I am not a tree hugger nor am I a recycling fanatic but I do believe in stewardship and financial responsibility. Just because I can afford it does not mean I should buy it. Just because it is the best does not mean it is worth it.

If you sew you can make every day cloth napkins from a two dollar yard of fabric in about an hour, you can also make hand towels. To me making things is more fun than buying them, I even make my own laundry detergent, but the one time cost of hand towels and dinner napkins will save you hundreds of dollars over a period of time.
My friends absolutely agree with me but they are going to stick to their Charmain and Bounty praying for sales.
And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph

Thursday, March 10, 2016


I decided not to vote absentee ballot this year. Why? I don’t know! Walking up to the place I get irritated by the number of people telling me who to vote. I could give them so leeway because it is the Primary election but I cannot understand people who vote without knowing who they are voting for and the issues that will be voted on.

Every state has different issues they are voting for but we are all voting for which Presidential candidate should represent the political party in the November general election.

There are certain characteristics a leader should have and especially the leader of the United States of America. Two top traits are: maturity and integrity.

Just because a person is old does not mean he or she is mature. With maturity comes selflessness, personal restraint and wisdom. Mature individuals know that they can be wrong even when they are right. Mature people can see the bigger picture.

Integrity is antagonistic to politics. A person of integrity has standards that will not allow him or her to compromise laws to benefit a particular group. A person of integrity will not make life easier for a particular group at the expense of another just because the one group rewards the person financially- directly or indirectly. A person of integrity will not lie, mislead, deceive, or be disingenuous when speaking.  Politicians justify their actions by saying the people do not understand how things work.

I personally believe this country is at a very serious juncture and the decisions that are made will be irreversible in terms of social morality.  The divisions created by: affirmative action, civil liberties groups, political action committees, and the various organizations designed to make one segment of the population have a unique standing without consideration to the rest of the nation has created a divided nation.  Our next leader must be able to do what is in the best interest of the country under the guidelines of the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is very important that the next leader not only has a desire to but will strip the government of its’ excessive behaviors and go back to basics. Our next leader must be able to super multi-task and have people associated with him that can multi-task as well.

The next President must not just promise to balance the budget but must do it in the four year time frame he has. This must be done while making sure our children are educated correctly- perhaps returning this authority to the states would help. Though no one wants a person to not have health care, however, Universal health care is not the answer nor is what is currently being carried out (Obamacare sucks!). Of course poor people think this is great but the rest of the country and those who still cannot afford health care beg to differ. Spending money to solve problems is not the answer.

This is why we need to vote for the right Congressional Representative. We need men and women in Congress who are mature and behave with integrity. We need men and women who are willing to do the work even if it means giving up a day of their vacations.  We need leaders who will lead by doing.

One of the things that piss me off is the problem with people coming here illegally. The last I checked illegal meant against the law. The next President has to make the tough decision to stop people from coming into this country until the proper procedures can be put in place. The fact that radical Islamic jehadist can come into this country legally with the intent to kill Americans is a problem and requires decisions that may hurt someone’s feeling but will keep many alive.

Furthermore, the next leader of this nation has to be able to restore respect. Respect for: Constitution, the nations history, the government, the laws, the people, and the family. I don’t know of any one candidate that completely fits my standards however I know who I voted for and I hope he gets in.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am not a trendy person therefore it is difficult for me to find clothing that I like in more traditional stores. Because so many people insist on wearing the latest styles I discovered most of the clothing I would wear are at thrift stores. People assume I shop at Macy’s, Penny’s and such for my clothes; from time to time I will purchase something from a department store but as I said they rarely have what I want.

My husband will not buy clothes from the thrift store BUT he will not buy designer clothing either. He would rather buy a shirt from Walmart than go to Macy’s and spend four times as much for a similar style. Both of us would rather spend money on a good book than shoes or clothing.

After so many years of marriage we have discovered our personal formula for living simply. Since we now live a cash only lifestyle we have developed financial priorities that allow us to travel when we want, give to the charities we enjoy freely and support local businesses that produce better products but at a higher price.

For example: The soap I buy cost seven dollars and fifty cents a bar, it is homemade. I could get a cheaper bar of soap but I will not get a better quality. My soap is soap, there are no man-made perfumes or bubble enhancers or other unnecessary stuff. My candles cost a little more too, they are soy candles; soy candles burn cleaner, last longer and smell better.  In purchasing “Country in the City” products I am supporting a local business and getting what I need.

There is a difference between simply living and simple living. I once existed doing whatever needed to do to get-along and get by that was simply living. Now I maintain a plain lifestyle that is stress-free and peaceful, I stopped people pleasing; this is simple living.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Sister Sharon walked up to my porch the other day and starting singing praises for the Democrat party before she had put her foot on the first step. This was nothing new for her but this was one of those days when I just did not feel like listening to foolish talk. She knows I am an Independent and she knows I vote more Republican than Democrat but it’s Sister Sharon and she never cares what anyone thinks about any subject.
“This country needs a woman for President. I am telling you these men can’t get anything right. And you know she has got to be a Democrat because them Republicans ain’t nothin’ but rich old white men.”
“Don’t come up here and start that foolish talk today Sharon, I am not in the mood.”
“Nettie it ain’t foolish. This country is a mess and it is all them Republicans’ fault. They never gave Obama a chance, just because he was African-American.”
“Either change the subject or go home. I don’t want to even get in a conversation with you about politics.”
“No matter anyway, Nettie. I am on my way to church. Them fools think they can pull one over on me. They want that new girl to sing a solo and I know she ain’t qualified.” Thankfully, Sharon left as fast as she came.

I sat in my chair watching people I know go up and down the road while peeling sweet potatoes I started to thinking about the leadership in this country.

Why is everyone looking for the next great Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? It ain’t gonna happen! Sometimes, I don’t think Americans would know a great leader if Jesus was standing in front of them in all His glory! There are people who vote according to ‘self’ meaning they examine their needs and what is happening in their world and decide who will help them maintain their lifestyle.  
Once upon a time we were one nation under God, sadly, we are no longer such a country. Americans follow their own leader whoever he or she may be. I am sadden to see so many Christians follow politicians and not Jesus.
Today politicians cater to ‘agenda’s: the homosexual agenda; the African-American agenda; the Hispanic American agenda; and so forth. Each of these agenda’s is represented by a leader who speaks on behalf of their constituents without concern for the rights of those who are not a part of this group. The consequences of so many agendas is a divided nation.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph