Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Sister Sharon walked up to my porch the other day and starting singing praises for the Democrat party before she had put her foot on the first step. This was nothing new for her but this was one of those days when I just did not feel like listening to foolish talk. She knows I am an Independent and she knows I vote more Republican than Democrat but it’s Sister Sharon and she never cares what anyone thinks about any subject.
“This country needs a woman for President. I am telling you these men can’t get anything right. And you know she has got to be a Democrat because them Republicans ain’t nothin’ but rich old white men.”
“Don’t come up here and start that foolish talk today Sharon, I am not in the mood.”
“Nettie it ain’t foolish. This country is a mess and it is all them Republicans’ fault. They never gave Obama a chance, just because he was African-American.”
“Either change the subject or go home. I don’t want to even get in a conversation with you about politics.”
“No matter anyway, Nettie. I am on my way to church. Them fools think they can pull one over on me. They want that new girl to sing a solo and I know she ain’t qualified.” Thankfully, Sharon left as fast as she came.

I sat in my chair watching people I know go up and down the road while peeling sweet potatoes I started to thinking about the leadership in this country.

Why is everyone looking for the next great Ronald Reagan, John Kennedy or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? It ain’t gonna happen! Sometimes, I don’t think Americans would know a great leader if Jesus was standing in front of them in all His glory! There are people who vote according to ‘self’ meaning they examine their needs and what is happening in their world and decide who will help them maintain their lifestyle.  
Once upon a time we were one nation under God, sadly, we are no longer such a country. Americans follow their own leader whoever he or she may be. I am sadden to see so many Christians follow politicians and not Jesus.
Today politicians cater to ‘agenda’s: the homosexual agenda; the African-American agenda; the Hispanic American agenda; and so forth. Each of these agenda’s is represented by a leader who speaks on behalf of their constituents without concern for the rights of those who are not a part of this group. The consequences of so many agendas is a divided nation.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph