Monday, March 14, 2016


A bunch of the girls came over to my house last Friday and we got to talking about shopping. Not for clothes but house stuff. Me and Mrs Church mop floors with this thing we call a “Cuban mop” because we both learned this method from a Cuban friend.
A Cuban mop as we dub it is simply a wooden “T” stick that you place a wet cloth on the bottom of, the top of the “T” would be the bottom of the stick if used for a mop. We use to be able to purchase the orange cloth from the store for a dollar and it has now gone up in price; apparently everyone is mopping floors with the “Cuban mop” it is better on my back than a regular mob and easier to use.if you have a bad back it is the best thing!
Anyway, next we started talking about toilet paper and paper towels. My friends are brand loyalist when it comes to these things, I am not going to spend to,o much money on something that I know I am buying to throw away. What shocked me is the amount of paper towels they used.
When I was born we had the cheapest toilet paper there was and we used the towel that was in the bathroom to dry our hands. Momma always had a dishrag hanging from her apron and she always had her apron on. But when I got married and started having kids I kept hand towels in the bathroom; it did not cause there to be more clothes to wash because most of the time those children used their clothes to dry their hands- if they actually washed them. However, though I did buy paper napkins my children always had cloth napkins at the dinner table, where we ate every night as a family.
My friends purchase large quantities of paper towels and designer toilet paper every month, that is a lot of money that is being thrown away. Even on sale they are purchasing twice the amount of paper goods than I am, plus they buy paper napkins.
Now, I do not buy the cheapest toilet paper but I am not going to buy the most expensive either my philosophy: don’t wipe so rough and it won’t feel so tough. I do purchase the cheapest paper towels I can find; I will put paper towels in the bathroom for company to dry their hands.
Am I too broke to buy the good stuff? No. Am I too cheap to buy the good stuff? No. I firmly believe some things are just not necessary. I am not a tree hugger nor am I a recycling fanatic but I do believe in stewardship and financial responsibility. Just because I can afford it does not mean I should buy it. Just because it is the best does not mean it is worth it.

If you sew you can make every day cloth napkins from a two dollar yard of fabric in about an hour, you can also make hand towels. To me making things is more fun than buying them, I even make my own laundry detergent, but the one time cost of hand towels and dinner napkins will save you hundreds of dollars over a period of time.
My friends absolutely agree with me but they are going to stick to their Charmain and Bounty praying for sales.
And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph