Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am not a trendy person therefore it is difficult for me to find clothing that I like in more traditional stores. Because so many people insist on wearing the latest styles I discovered most of the clothing I would wear are at thrift stores. People assume I shop at Macy’s, Penny’s and such for my clothes; from time to time I will purchase something from a department store but as I said they rarely have what I want.

My husband will not buy clothes from the thrift store BUT he will not buy designer clothing either. He would rather buy a shirt from Walmart than go to Macy’s and spend four times as much for a similar style. Both of us would rather spend money on a good book than shoes or clothing.

After so many years of marriage we have discovered our personal formula for living simply. Since we now live a cash only lifestyle we have developed financial priorities that allow us to travel when we want, give to the charities we enjoy freely and support local businesses that produce better products but at a higher price.

For example: The soap I buy cost seven dollars and fifty cents a bar, it is homemade. I could get a cheaper bar of soap but I will not get a better quality. My soap is soap, there are no man-made perfumes or bubble enhancers or other unnecessary stuff. My candles cost a little more too, they are soy candles; soy candles burn cleaner, last longer and smell better.  In purchasing “Country in the City” products I am supporting a local business and getting what I need.

There is a difference between simply living and simple living. I once existed doing whatever needed to do to get-along and get by that was simply living. Now I maintain a plain lifestyle that is stress-free and peaceful, I stopped people pleasing; this is simple living.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph