Thursday, March 10, 2016


I decided not to vote absentee ballot this year. Why? I don’t know! Walking up to the place I get irritated by the number of people telling me who to vote. I could give them so leeway because it is the Primary election but I cannot understand people who vote without knowing who they are voting for and the issues that will be voted on.

Every state has different issues they are voting for but we are all voting for which Presidential candidate should represent the political party in the November general election.

There are certain characteristics a leader should have and especially the leader of the United States of America. Two top traits are: maturity and integrity.

Just because a person is old does not mean he or she is mature. With maturity comes selflessness, personal restraint and wisdom. Mature individuals know that they can be wrong even when they are right. Mature people can see the bigger picture.

Integrity is antagonistic to politics. A person of integrity has standards that will not allow him or her to compromise laws to benefit a particular group. A person of integrity will not make life easier for a particular group at the expense of another just because the one group rewards the person financially- directly or indirectly. A person of integrity will not lie, mislead, deceive, or be disingenuous when speaking.  Politicians justify their actions by saying the people do not understand how things work.

I personally believe this country is at a very serious juncture and the decisions that are made will be irreversible in terms of social morality.  The divisions created by: affirmative action, civil liberties groups, political action committees, and the various organizations designed to make one segment of the population have a unique standing without consideration to the rest of the nation has created a divided nation.  Our next leader must be able to do what is in the best interest of the country under the guidelines of the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is very important that the next leader not only has a desire to but will strip the government of its’ excessive behaviors and go back to basics. Our next leader must be able to super multi-task and have people associated with him that can multi-task as well.

The next President must not just promise to balance the budget but must do it in the four year time frame he has. This must be done while making sure our children are educated correctly- perhaps returning this authority to the states would help. Though no one wants a person to not have health care, however, Universal health care is not the answer nor is what is currently being carried out (Obamacare sucks!). Of course poor people think this is great but the rest of the country and those who still cannot afford health care beg to differ. Spending money to solve problems is not the answer.

This is why we need to vote for the right Congressional Representative. We need men and women in Congress who are mature and behave with integrity. We need men and women who are willing to do the work even if it means giving up a day of their vacations.  We need leaders who will lead by doing.

One of the things that piss me off is the problem with people coming here illegally. The last I checked illegal meant against the law. The next President has to make the tough decision to stop people from coming into this country until the proper procedures can be put in place. The fact that radical Islamic jehadist can come into this country legally with the intent to kill Americans is a problem and requires decisions that may hurt someone’s feeling but will keep many alive.

Furthermore, the next leader of this nation has to be able to restore respect. Respect for: Constitution, the nations history, the government, the laws, the people, and the family. I don’t know of any one candidate that completely fits my standards however I know who I voted for and I hope he gets in.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays by Marsha L F Randolph