Sunday, April 3, 2016


We are doing a piss-poor job of sharing the gospel! I sat in the food court of a mall listening too and watching people as I ate. I looked around and saw young and old alike behaving foolishly. I suspect most of these people consider themselves Christian.

I left the traditional church many years ago because I knew there was more to faith than suits skirts and chicken dinners. Unfortunately, many of my friends stayed and what I saw in the food court is (my opinion) the fruit of religious instruction by politically correct churches and parents who do not really read what the Bible says.

It is not the school or government’s fault that our young people have no respect for authority, the law or even their parents. The government did not buy ill fitting clothing for young boys or tight fitting clothing for young girls. The schools did not have profanity on the vocabulary test.  Though child abuse is against the law discipline is not. It is clear from watching what goes on in a mall that no one follows rules of morality or respect.

When I turn on the news I hear mis-educated college students demand stuff that they did not earn as if it was a right and not a privilege. (Some) Church leaders are quick to tell their congregation about government programs they are entitled to but not teach them about lifestyles that are contrary to God’s word.

Evangelism is the teaching of God’s word, the good news, and how it pertains to living a peaceful productive life. Successful teaching of the gospel will result in changed lives. Sitting in a mall’s food court reveals a desperate need for the truth of the gospel to be shared among the church folk.
The United States of America is a mission field.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays and other ramblings by Marsha L F Randolph