Monday, June 13, 2016


I make soap  because I choose not to  place  chemicals on my skin  that can be absorbed into my body.  I sell soap because I have met a great number of individuals who have discovered the benefits of natural products.

The first soap I ever made was a shea butter melt and pour product, I have always been a fan of shea butter soaps. The cost of purchasing melt and pour products and the speed at which the soap dissolved  motivated me to learn how to make my own soap. Since my first bar of cold press soap I have evolved and now have four distinct oil combinations that are the basis of my soaps. (I have created special formulas for special purposes.) Every time I use a bar of soap I fall in love with that particular soap. 

If you are new to homemade soaps I would suggest you try NETTIE’S BASIC BAR. Many people use OLIVE OIL,  the main ingredient of this soap, as a lotion.

NETTIE'S BASIC BAR will moisturize your skin without clogging your pours. I created this formula so that because I wanted a guest soap that would be firm, lather well, and make a person feel refreshed after use.  This is the formula I like to add EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL TO!

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is known for anti-inflammatory properties.  It has a menthol smell that helps open airwaves. People who have arthritis type symptoms and stuffy noses use Eucalyptus Essential Oils to help alleviate the symptoms. There is also an antiseptic quality to this, one of my favorite, essential oil.

It was by request that I created  GRANDMA'S OATMEAL RECIPE SOAP . There are so many people who have skin problems in which bathing with oatmeal helps.  Along with the oils used to create this particular formula the oatmeal  not only acts as an exfolliant but it can relieve itchy skin.

GRANDMA’S OATMEAL RECIPE  is more than a soap to use if you get poison ivy!  When you are looking for non-pharmaceutical ways to alleviate joint discomfort try a nice hot bath with GRANDMA’S OATMEAL RECIPE which has anti-inflammatory properties. This soap will also help you maintain a healthy skin pH.

So eat your oatmeal and wash with it too!

Replace those store bought soaps with any of these  homemade  delights!  
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I will not confirm or deny the rumors but I do use COUNTRY CAFE’.

What rumors you ask? Well:  They say caffeine will get rid of cellulite perhaps this soap is such a great seller.  It is not just the Olive Oil and Coffee in the soap but the COFFEE in and on and around the soap that makes COUNTRY CAFE’ a must have for your spa collection.  Buy this homemade soap with body loving ingredients to  hide cellulite (at least temporarily) and make your body bathing suit cute.

Two soaps that need no introduction because of the special ingredient used and if you are reading this they are probably SOLD OUT!!!!

FARM FRESH is made with GOAT MILK  is soap made the old fashioned way using Mantecca as the primary oil and Goat Milk instead of water added to the sodium Hydroxide.  (Can I tell you a secret? Promise you will not tell anyone? Mantecca is pig fat aka Lard and sodium hydroxide is Lye. Lye is in every solid soap made but when added to the acid which is found in oils it is neutralized into a salt that we call soap.)Every time I make this soap my personal bar disappears.

Farm Fresh is everything you think a luxury bar should be and more. It looks good and it makes you feel good.

As I said I started making soap because I like shea butter soaps. Now that I make my own I can never ever use a store bought bar again! Oh how I love  COUNTRY COMFORT !!!!!!!!   Scented, unscented I don’t care I make this one by special request of me. Unfortunately everyone likes this soap. One of my customers picked up her bar of soap and requested another before I had made the next batch. I gave my sister a free bar and her daughter took it before she could use it.

COUNTRY COMFORT a soap with shea butter as an ingredient is what I call a skin equalizer. For me it evens out my skin tone as well as  moisturizes.

Unless allergic to the ingredients, listed on the wrapping, all of these soaps are gentle enough for a baby but SUNDAY MORNING is formulated with infants in mind;

Made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil what makes this soap special is I use Coconut Milk instead of distilled water. The ration of the ingredients was created to make sure that the soap was both cleansing and conditioning.  SUNDAY MORNING  does not contain any scents or colors.