Friday, June 24, 2016


People are obsessed with loosing weight and the market has been very accommodating. Far to many people join gyms in January and loose interest by March. For those who want to loose weight quick there are books, foods, fitness planners, fitness coaches, and diet gurus such as Jenny Craig.
Though once reserved for those who are morbidly obese (so overweight they could die) there is surgery. Unfortunately, there are some who would rather have their stomach reduced than cut back on the food and exercise. I know of one person who had the surgery lost a lot of weight and then over the years gained back most of it.  There is a difference between morbid obesity and being obese; there is a difference between dieting and learning to eat healthy.

Healthy eating along with activity leads to weight loss. Fat and skinny people eat at the all you can eat buffet, eating more than one serving is not healthy for either. Eating the right foods alone does not make you healthy.

By definition a diet is a meal plan- of any type. Weight loss diets are short term meal plans designed with an end in mind. After the individual has achieved her goal (or his) then she may go back to the way she use to eat particularly if she has been using preprepared foods. Unfortunately, many people gain the weight back.

I have learned over the years that a healthy lifestyle is better than quick weight loss. Since I have been with THE AIM COMPANY I have discovered that most people want to be healthy but they do not want to do the work involved. It is easy to have someone tell you what to eat and not eat and fun to cheat. Transitioning to a lifestyle that includes healthy eating requires learning how the body operates and what your body needs.

As a Living Well Coach with THE AIM COMPANIES I encounter people who put far to much trust in what other people do. It is difficult to educate a person who wants to do what everyone else is doing.

Products from THE AIM COMPANIES focus on healthy body cells and are not designed for quick weight loss. People who incorporate products from THE AIM COMPANY along with adjusting what they eat can loose weight. More importantly they will discover they will become healthier. Many who  incorporate healthy eating, exercise and supplements from THE AIM COMPANIES find their blood pressure is lower, their blood sugar is normal, their cholesterol is within normal range and their energy level is up.

Your goal should not be quick weight loss but healthy living. It takes time to undo all the bad habits that you have accumulated over the years therefore my first recommendation is Bible study. It is important that you assume responsibility for what you know as it relates to what you believe. As you determine what your health goals (not weight goals) are I recommend that you get rid of all of those vitamins purchased from other stores- most of which your body does not absorb- and start taking BARLEY LIFE. The third thing I recommend is that you begin walking ten minutes a day. After about 2 weeks you and I will know if you are ready to make the necessary dietary changes that will

The words written are based on my personal knowledge. I am an Independent Distributor of THE AIM COMPANIES US products. I have completed The Aim Companies Living Well Program and am a recognized LIVING WELL COACH through THE AIM COMPANIES. Products mentioned can be purchased through Marsha L Randolph or directly from THE AIM COMPANIES. 
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lead to a healthy you.