Monday, June 27, 2016


It takes me 9 days, about 40 hours, to make one wash cloth, so why do I make them? Because I can. Everything can be done faster; everything can be gotten quicker but the quality of faster and quicker is not the same as making it yourself.

When I make a washcloth I control the color, the size and the quality of the material. Yes, you have to use 100% cotton but. When I purchase yarn from Walmart it is not as good as the yarn I purchase from Hobby Lobby- I loooooooove Hobby Lobby.

The problem with making your own washcloths is the cost of your time. I spend a little over 2 hours a day knitting wash cloths at $8 an hour that is $160 of labor the yarn is less than $5 so to charge what it actually cost to make the washcloth I would have to sell it for at least $165. I have seen crocheted washcloths available on Etsy anywhere from $5 to $10. I chose to knit the washcloths because the stitch is tighter but it takes longer. I could probably crochet a washcloth in a day, if I were going to sell what I made I would probably crochet them instead of knitting.

My personal goal is to convert most of my in house washcloths to handmade. And use the others for gift items. I have and will make washcloths by request.