Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Back in the day, before television, people had to listen to the political candidates. Once upon a time people were not focused on how a person dressed because they were more concerned with what a person could do? The advent of television redirected the way many chose their political leaders, the Kennedy’s looked good.

There was a time in which the news media presented information to the public that was factual; today’s media is biased. Every news outlet- print, radio, television and on-line- has a ideological agenda. Facts fall by the wayside as point of views become the focus.

Despite there being numerous twenty-four hour news networks, or because of it, actions and words of politicians are partially presented. The partially presented words called sound-bites which promote ideology.  By repeating a sentence or a few words spoken by an individual the media can infuse additional words into a report which will force the listener to think a particular way.

Party loyalty is strong in the United States Republican, democrat, libertarian, conservative, moderate, and liberal are the ideologies of voters. There is a tendency for even those who consider themselves independent to hold onto ideas that are promoted by the particular media outlet listened to.

Political thinking is corrupt. Accusations of being a Republican in name only - R.I.N.O.- are directed towards those who do not behave as others think a Republican should. Despite the President of the United States showing obvious bias to specific groups and  having a presidential candidate, in the same party, under federal investigation those who vote Democrat refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing. It is ‘poli-think’ maintaining irrational ideas despite the availability of facts and common sense.

Poli-think, a word I made up for the purposes of this article, is developed by the media. By manipulating the words of candidates, not presenting information pertinent and not sharing the circumstances in which something was said or done the minds of the listener is being manipulated. The media has successfully directed many to think a particular way as it pertains to politics.

Note: it is not just political ideology that has been manipulated.

Many Americans have become low information voters by choice. Far to many are loyal to the alphabet that has been associated with their family, culture, race or even church: D, R, or I. No longer do voters listen to a candidate speak for information instead they are dependent on reports from the media. Some of those who do listen to political speeches often trust the media for interpretation; poli-think

It is time people stop being loyal to political parties. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Independents are not always correct. It is important that each voter know what each candidate intends on doing and the ramifications of every issue. Every citizen should know why he is voting for a particular candidate based on fact.