Saturday, June 18, 2016

WHY? On my Way to being a Prepper.

It occurred to me that I did not come to this conclusion overnight. I have been exposed to certain ideas and lifestyles for years. I have experienced blizzards in the suburbs, hurricanes in the city and isolation in the country. And as I reread Matthew 24, “wars and rumors of wars,”  it seems to validate my opinion that I should be ready for any type of emergency.

Jesus: “Take care that you are not deceived. For many will come in My name claiming they are the Anointed One, and many poor souls will be taken in. You will hear of wars, and you will hear rumors of wars but you should not panic. It is inevitable, this violent breaking apart of the sinful world, but remember, the wars are not the end. The end is still unfolding. Nations will do battle with nations, and kingdoms will fight neighboring kingdoms, and there will be famines and earthquakes. But these are not the end. These are the birth pangs, the beginning. The end is still unfolding.” Matthew 24:4-8 The Voice

No matter what translation you read if you think about what is happening today I don’t know how you can not conclude that you need to do something.

Forget about, at least for now, the return of the Messiah. There are emergencies that occur all the time: blizzards, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes and even problems with the water (Flint Michigan). Despite warnings people are often not ready (New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina) lack of preparation can be deadly.

Unfortunately, I frequently come across people who only do last minute preparations. Upon receiving notice that a blizzard, or other emergency, some people wait until the last minute to purchase just enough supplies.

Far to many people have made the decision to depend on the government to help them regardless of what the emergency is.

I have concluded that I need to prepare continuously for emergencies not only those of biblical proportions but weather related crisis as well as financial crisis.

It is called prepping; being ready for, as many call it, SHTF (when Shit Hits The Fan). What is SHTF? Your loosing your job; a weather emergency; prolonged power outage; a change in the way the government exist. Are you ready for any type of emergency?

The Bible says not only will there  be wars but rumors of wars and nations will battle against battle against nations this indicates a lack of peace throughout the earth. It is Jesus who is declaring that the things that are going on is the end unfolding; the New King James Bible verse 8 reads:  “All these are the beginning of sorrows.”  Christians believe in the end times they just seem to have problems accepting that now is the ending of times.

In case of an emergency how do I survive” For 24 hours? For three days? For a week? For a month?

There are many reasons to prepare for emergencies, the only reason a person would not is because they do not believe in prepping.

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