Saturday, July 16, 2016


I think I wrote that I was not an “extreme Prepper” because I was not planning to bug-out; I don’t have a emergency escape shelter. But then I was watching a YouTube Video from jnullo- “My Bug out Story” June 12 2012  (see video below) and I realized I have bugged out before.

If you ever watched an episode of “M.A.S.H.” (it aired around the late 70’s and early 80’s) you know that from time to time that had to evacuate with very little notice, they called it bugging out. When I was married to my first husband I decided to just leave, it was over and I only took what was necessary- yep I bugged out. So far we have not had to leave our home during a hurricane BUT I am ready to do so in a moments notice.
Seen from the episode of M.A.S.H. in which the camp had to bug-out.

As I study preparedness I realize having an emergency evacuation plan is important. Not that you plan on leaving your husband BUT people have had to leave their homes due to: earthquakes, fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes knowing what to take is important.

From where I am sitting right now I could grab my emergency papers in less than 5 minutes. Hanging in my closet is what I call my “hospital outfit” it is sweat pants and top that is comfortable and will keep me warm in the cold of the hospital. (I have had numerous late night calls from friends and family.)

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who refuse to leave their homes during an emergency because they have so much stuff. If it was really bad (SHTF) the clothes on my back and my Bible (I have a small one) will due. When these individuals who refused to evacuate get stuck they always expect the government to bail them out- the government will not always be there.

Though it had nothing to do with “bugging-out” I have traveled enough to know what I want to need to take and what I want to take and the things I don’t have to take. Bible, lap top and cell phone are must (you can’t find a pay phone that takes quarters these days). I have a travel bag that has an extension cord, and I have an extra pair of earphones; my batteries are always charged. I think, despite being unprepared I know what to leave behind.

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