Monday, July 25, 2016


Since I have been studying healthy eating I have developed three rules of food: 1)If you didn’t raise it or grow it it is important that you know who did. 2)The greater the distance your food has to travel to your plate the greater the chances of some additive that could harm your body has been added. 3)The faster your food gets from idea to meal the less healthy it is.

I have bad eating habits because I thought I could not afford to eat healthy and I did not feel like making the personal sacrifice it would take to prepare the foods only I would eat since my husband is a “I don’t care as long as I like it” kind of guy. But two things happened that caused me to rethink the food chain: I turned 50 and my husband was successfully treated for colon cancer.

As I started researching foods, not recipes, I discovered the problems with food additives. Things used to treat foods, both plants and animals are not healthy for the human body. You cannot convince me that the increased number of immunizations and vaccines, combined with the: hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified foods (GMO’s), we take directly and indirectly, through the foods we eat, are not having an effect on the body. There seems to be an increased number of cancers and Alzheimer's diagnosed and the treatment has been more chemicals. It is difficult to eat healthy because our food choices are limited.

You cannot do better than what God has already done which is why the organic food industry is growing. Unfortunately the definition of ‘organic’ has been compromised. Also becoming a problem is GMOs studies sponsored by the company that created these foods say there is nothing wrong with the product however outside companies say there is. It is my opinion- anytime you change the way God created a life form there is an unknown unintended consequence.

The solution is to produce your own foods. Shop local farmers markets whenever possible - particularly those who avoid using hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s.  You may not be able to grow all of your own produce however even in an apartment there are things you can grow.

Learning to grow your own foods takes time and many people just do not want to do it. Developing healthy eating habits is a process your goal is to develop an awareness of what you are giving your body.

The sooner a person quits smoking the better for his overall health. The same is true for eating healthy- the sooner a person becomes aware of the foods he eats and eliminates those things that are not beneficial the better.

Animals that are given antibiotics and hormones transfer those things to the human who eat meat. Genetically modified foods such as corn are not only fed to animals but can be fed to humans as well. Twenty years from now no one knows what the cumulative affect will be for some people that knowledge will be to late.

Consider this: In the 50’s and 60’s women used talcum powder today 50 years later their is a lawsuit because the talcum powder placed topically has been linked to cancer. If something that went on top of your skin could cause problems inside your body what can some man made product you eat do?