Saturday, July 2, 2016


I do not like the city, nor do I like the suburbs; I want out! My plan is to live on at least 3 acres of land away from people who live complicated lifestyles by 2020.

The idea of living on a homestead is very intriguing to me. I toy with the idea of off-the grid living but only if I had solar energy and I am not real fond of the idea of a composting toilet. But none of this is really a problem since my husband is a city person thus we will have to have the conveniences of indoor plumbing, electricity and cable. Despite having the convince of modern day civilization I still want to be as self-sufficient as possible ready for any emergency- a.k.a SHTF.

As I mentioned in the previous post I consider myself a Hybrid-Prepper; a person who wants to be ready for any type of emergency but not one who is ready to move (bug-out) in a split second. If, when, things get really bad I do not want to be living anywhere near a city.

Two true stories: When I was a young child I visited the country I love and hated it; I hated the out
house and I hated the bugs.  Once my mother took me camping- camp fire and all- I hated it; I hated, in fact I refused to, peeing in the woods and I hated sitting on wood to eat. So what is the difference? Preparation.

I have grown up since then and I am no longer afraid like I was back then. In addition no one prepared me for those experiences and I plan to be very ready now. If I can use the Port-a-Potty and a fair type event I can use an outhouse or compost toilet. And, if I can eat food from a grill I can eat food cooked on a campfire.  Sometimes we do not like what we know nothing about.

There is a lot to learn about living on a self-sufficient homestead, as oppose to having a house on a few acres of land. If I want fresh eggs in the morning I have to learn how to obtain, and care for chickens. If I want fresh milk for my goat milk soap I need to learn about goats. Even gardening requires learning what and when to plant. Of course there are pest and other predators I need to know how to get rid of. And I have yet to shoot a gun. To me homesteading is a level of prepping everyone should seek.

Step one for me in order to own my own homestead, is to become debt free while establishing my other businesses.  Three years to achieve this is not a lot of time particularly when I have so many obligations.

While getting debt Free I will be prepping and learning.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays and other ramblings by Marsha L F Randolph; All rights reserved do not use without the permission of the author Marsha L F Randolph