Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Dear Free Thinking Folks (particularly African Americans)

This is just a thought: Liberalism is getting you killed and feel good church messages are sending you to hell.

It is a liberal ideology that will encourage you to abort your babies- guaranteeing there will not be more of you.
Conservatives often point out the violence that is found in various communities (i.e. Black on Black crime) and it is the Free Thinkers that will overlook your killing each other; they will go so far as to promote the release of many of from prison so as to make sure there are individuals able to complete the task of your extinction.
They want to decriminalize and legalize the drugs that will hinder you from succeeding. Marijuana makes you lethargic today and destroy the brain cells you will need tomorrow, not to mention it destroys sperm. (hings that make you go hmmmm!)
They have given you free access to any school you want because they have: altered the books you read, taken out the informative parts; changed the requirements for information you can receive (by introducing information on homosexuality and abortion while decreasing physical education, music classes and even history); and manipulated the way information is presented.

I am sure you disagree with me. They will encourage you to blame dead people for your problems and that makes sense to you therefore they must be your friend. You know how to use information from the past (slavery) to justify your actions; free thinking taught you everything you need to know. Why would you agree that you have been sold a bridge in the middle of the desert?

For some of you, who think you are not like those people because you go to church. You too have been sold a bridge to nowhere.

Because your church has the word ‘Christian’ incorporated in its’ doctrine you are confident that its’ free thinking come in shorts and shoes philosophy, that does not encourage people to change, lines up with the word of God. Everyone loves their “we will not preach against homosexuality and abortion” church. There is regular attendance in: multi-cultural politically correct churches, as well as the politically identifiable racially distinguishable churches. So what is the problem?

God is not a free thinker, He gave commandments for living they were not suggestions. Your religion makes you feel good because you can give a few dollars and feed some needy child in a third world country who cannot afford the latest Jordan’s. You think it is great to give out lots of food Easter and Thanksgiving to those in need year round.  The church leader teaches their flock that their external identity as: male or female; black, white or Hispanic; homosexual or heterosexual, must be embraced  because  we have to live in this world and they are ‘good people’. Free thinking churches that do not teach the truth do not have the Truth in them (Jesus is the Truth).

Liberalism teaches that government trumps faith. Followers of these teachings recite the mantra’s of the faith:

  • A woman has a right to choose
  • Black lives matter
  • All Republicans are white racist males
  • All Cops are racist
  • Black people who are Conservative and or Republican are Uncle Toms
  • The white man keeps black men down 
  • People are born homosexual
  • Free thinkers, liberal leaders, in the church and the political scene reinforce these ideas daily with the assistance of the media. 

Liberalism has given people: Free food, free housing, free birth control,  free abortions, free money, free education and a fee phone. Many churches have become gateways to the government programs facilitating workshops that teach people how to sign-up for these ‘benefits’. Liberals gladly take care of people from the cradle to the grave in order to promote their agenda which is to increase their personal power and wealth.

Now of course, you disagree with all that I have said because when you share your ideas with Democrats they voice sympathy for your cause. “They” understand your frustration and readily justify your anger. When you burn your neighborhood stores, destroy your community parks, or trash the block you live on liberals understand, as long as you stay on your side of town.

For example:  Despite there being 275 white and 86 Hispanic individuals killed by law enforcement the media frequently reminds African-Americans of the 136 Blacks that were killed by law enforcement (even though the police were acquitted of any wrong doing).  That is 497 deaths and less than half were African-American. (stat as of 7/8/2016) When a television personality pointed out the Black on Black crime that has killed thousands of Black males this individual was called a racist by some.

Dear Free Thinkers, it is one thing to look back in the past at slavery as an injustice for one particular group of people the problem is when you live as if you were in the past. By looking back you cannot see what is in front of you and for those who are embracing the free thinking ideology you have become slaves bound to a plantation of your own violent creation.

Without political identity because I am of no political affiliation- NETTIE

PS:Don’t pay attention to armed men guarding the home of the big house owned by your liberal supporters- you will not get invited to their home anyway. And please disregard their bank accounts that increase as your population decreases.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays and other ramblings by Marsha L F Randolph; All rights reserved do not use without the permission of the author Marsha L F Randolph