Saturday, August 20, 2016


What if you got ready for a storm that did not come? You have plenty of food in the pantry; enough water for at least a week; flashlights have batteries in them and candles and matches are ready; the gas tanks in the car are full; everyone is safe at home, is that a bad thing? This is what Preppers do, they get ready for emergencies.

Prepping is not a foreign concept. Many people rush to the stores to purchase supplies for upcoming storms. The government refers to these last minute preparations as emergency preparedness.

Money is always an issue. To get ready for an emergency at the last minute cost more money than what Preppers spend because of advance planning.  In order to purchase a lot of things at the last minute often people place the expenses on a credit card, an unexpected debt.  Some people borrow money to cover the unexpected cost, do not pay a bill or dip into funds allocated for something else. Unfortunately, in some cases, after the storm has passed there will be residual problems such as poor water conditions or down power lines which lead to more unexpected cost- last minute planners do not always prepare for such events.

People become angry when the weather forecast turn out to be wrong or relived if they did not prepare and did not have to face the emergency. In my book YOU’RE NOT READY I discuss some basics of preparing and why I consider myself a Hybrid-Prepper.  Having experienced the unpredictable winter weather of the north and the tropical weather patterns of the south I have learned how to take advantage of various sales that keep my pantry and supply shelf stocked.

What if you got ready for a storm that did not come? You would be ready for the one that will come.

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