Monday, August 8, 2016


I Keep running out of yarn and I bent a set of my knitting needles so what did I do? I gave away a pair of knitting needles and a pack of yarn to a friend.

This person, let’s call her Sharon, had purchased a knitting starter kit for less than $10. Her yarn was crappy, a very poor quality, and her needles were plastic. Sharon had been trying for months to learn how to knit with the kit, she had a few people show her and kept watching YouTube videos to no avail. I tried to show Sharon what to do using her stuff and I got frustrated.

Knitting can be frustrating but it is also relaxing when you first get started. The only things I knit are washcloths and I crochet blankets. You cannot be in a hurry when you are doing any type of craft especially knitting. I could probably make a washcloth in a day or two but I choose to make one over a two week period. Knitting is, to me, doing nothing with a purpose.

My friend leads a very stressful life, she works very hard and has a son with multiple health issues. Knitting for her was something to do that did not require her going somewhere, interacting with people or even thinking about the next doctor’s appointment.  While knitting she could sit at work, she is a private duty nurse, while her patient is sleeping and not fall asleep, or she could sit at home and watch a good movie. When knitting you don’t have to think about the world.

I did not really need those needles and giving away my 100% cotton yarn gave me an excuse to go to my favorite store- HOBBY LOBBY! (Yes I do use acrylic yarn but the quality is better than that crap she had in her starter kit.) A few weeks after teaching her how to knit with the needles and yarn I gave her she text me a picture of her work- beautiful. She is coming over soon so I can show her how to cast off.

I just finished a washcloth -that I gave away. And so I went to Hobby Lobby to get more yarn, I only purchased one pack of yarn but I will be back.  On my cell phone is a Hobby Lobby app, the app has a 40% off coupon- I know other stores have similar but the atmosphere at Hobby Lobby is better. I have to go get quilting supplies so I can also get yarn.

I also need to sell some of this stuff so that I can support my crafting habits.