Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Ignorant- to not know; to lack all the information necessary to develop an informed decision; to behave foolishly, without knowledge of proper behavior

The above definitions of ignorant are my definitions. Based on my definition of ignorant I can admit that there have been times when I have been ignorant and did not know it, there are times when I am ignorant of necessary information and make poor decisions and there are times when I choose to not know. To choose to not know is being Ignorant by Choice- IBC.
Often I override my lack of knowledge by researching the facts this is often as a direct result of someone pointing out that I do not know all of the information. In December of 2015 I determined that I knew enough about the Republican candidates to select Donald Trump as the person I wanted to be President. Around January of 2016 I decided I had heard enough about the Republican party to become of no political affiliation.  By February of 2016 I determined that I know longer wanted to hear any more information regarding any of the political candidates; I told people I was going to become narrow-minded.
I stopped accepting information from people who had hidden agendas and were good at manipulating information. I had gathered all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I had listened to the pros and cons of many regarding each candidate- a lot of people were against Trump.
The information most of the people I talked to was clearly obtained from news media reports. A few people quoted news articles but had failed to read the retraction that was posted later. Very few people did there own research. Those who celebrated their political candidate reiterated the carefully constructed words of the “consulting” team- a consulting team is a political word for marketing group.
Why do people hate Trump? After months of asking I cannot get a clear answer. People talk about” his hair, his wives, his business bankruptcy, the failed university and his attacks on the other candidates. People have accused him of being: racist, sexist, homophobic, arrogant; and even accused him of neglecting his daughter Tiffany.
Donald Trump dies his hair- so what! Donald Trump has been married a couple of times, his marriage to Marla was very public, they both moved on. Donald Trump’s business ventures (not all of them) filed bankruptcy according to the rule of law- it happens. Both people and businesses file bankruptcy in America and then they start all over. I don’t have all the facts on the university however I have watched television infomercials and receive invitations from people who offer similar deals at similar prices. I find it interesting that people make accusations about a person who has friends of all socio-ethnic groups and lifestyles. And of course his daughter Tiffany set the record straight regarding her father’s involvement in her life.
So why do people hate Donald Trump? Because he is truly a Blue Collar Billionaire and he does not fit the stereotype of rich people. Yes, he has his own airplane and helicopter but he lets other people ride in it- he permitted his pilot to fly 200 stranded men and women of the military home; he arranged for a child to be transported to a hospital when the airlines refused to do so. He has given jobs to veterans; paid bills of strangers; and behaved as a humanitarian on more than one occasion.  He did this when people saw him as the man who said “You’re fired!” on television. People don’t like Donald J. Trump because he reminds them of what they don’t do- work hard.
Hillary Clinton lied to families of people who died serving this country, she lied to the people about her behavior in regards to confidential information she was responsible for. People support Hillary Clinton because she is not a Republican.
When Ms. Clinton is campaigning in the south she has a southern accent; when she is campaigning around African-Americans she is down with the cause; when she is around homosexuals she is sympathetic and compassionate about their struggles; when she is around Muslims she appreciates their culture and the need to incorporate sharia law into their lifestyle. She is who you are for the moment, like a chameleon Hillary Rodham Clinton changes with the environment she is in. People support her because they have made a decision to ignore the indisputable facts, IBC, and be loyal to the Democrat party.
It takes a lot of effort to be politically IBC. A person must ignore the teachings of Scripture. A person must forget about what the Constitution and the laws of the federal, state and local governments.  To be politically ignorant by choice a person must be more loyal to his or her party than his or her household.
When a person ignores such information as: an individual allowing information regarding this nations security be carelessly handled with no care or concern of its’ consequences, then the individual is not only ignorant but ignorant by choice. To support a person who knowingly violated logic and federal law because of personal convenience makes no sense to one who thinks. To vote for someone who allowed information regarding this country that the citizens are not aware of to fall into enemy hands believing it will not harm this nation is foolish.
There is a difference between accepting information from a variety of sources and then rejecting some sources because they have on more than one occasion reported false information (NY Times for example) and rejecting any information that is contrary to what you want to believe.
I admit to being narrow minded; I will not listen to ignorant people.  I will not be ignorant regarding such matters that pertain to life: I read my Bible and I research the political candidates and I make informed decisions. I will not be IBC which is why I am NPA- no political affiliation.