Friday, September 30, 2016


I am about 25 pounds over weight, the heaviest I have ever been. I gained weight by eating to much of the wrong types of foods and not moving. I will loose weight, as I have before by eating junk food in moderation and healthy foods in appropriate quantities. My one compromise is not to deny myself things I want; I firmly believe when people are told ‘no’ they do more of what they are not suppose to do. And, I will also get off my rusty dusty more often and ride my stationary bike as well as exercise.

It is easy to gain weight when you are home alone at a desk all day.

I would like to blame my weight gain on various summer activities which introduced lots of foods that I would normally not eat in such large quantities. And I could blame it on the high amount of stress that I encountered over the past few months but neither my family or the stressful events drove to the store and bought the box of Milk Duds, just about every day!

There are people I know that go on weight loss diets to have a great body for the summer or for special events such as weddings. They work out for a few months incorporate special food plans and then go back to their old way of eating.  I suspect a person who yo-yo diets gains more and looses less every time they do these things; this is not good for the body.
Far to frequently there are people who are dependent on prescriptions and supplements to keep their bodies going. They eat foods that raise their blood pressure so they take pills to lower it. They eat foods that will raise their blood sugar so they take pills or inject themselves with insulin to lower it. When they think they are getting ill they take a supplement that someone told them will fight a could or prevent the flu.  It is fascinating to listen to a group of over 50 people talk about the doctors they go to and the prescriptions they are on.

Everything you put into your body should have a purpose. The cells in your body needs certain nutrients depending on the function of that particular organ. Some things like soda, candy and deserts are irrelevant and contribute to the lack of proper nutrients you are taking in; it is called junk food for a reason.

Many of the people I know, young and old, do not take into consideration the long term effects of their eating habits. I have met many people who wished they had approached diet and exercise from a different perspective, particularly those with chronic diseases. It is harder to loose 25 pounds than it was to gain 25. A person can progress from being overweight to obese to morbid obesity; morbid obesity means if you don’t loose the weight you will die. It is painful to give up soda with caffeine- the headaches are no fun. People can create all kinds of problems with their digestive and endocrinology system when they go on various fad diets. (Pay attention to the commercials for reversals of lap-band surgery.) Many of the sicknesses people develop when they get older could have been prevented if they had cared for themselves when they were younger.

It is difficult to go back to basics today. Food contains all kinds of things that were not in products years ago. The chemicals used to grow and preserve the foods we eat are the very ones making many people sick. The research being done is by organizations that profit from the products being used. The flavors being presented are enjoyable to many. Self denial is hard for those who think they deserve to eat a slice of pie because they worked hard all week. It is equally hard for people who think because they are now retired they can relax and let someone else worry about things such as their health. People are eating foods that may make them feel good and look good but in the long run it is making them sick.

You cannot live better if you are not really eating better.