Monday, September 26, 2016


I was going crazy, I had just finished making a wash cloth and I did not have the denim blue to complete the throw I was crocheting. I made a mini-pouch with some scratch fabric and re potted a plant that really did not need re-potting. What could I do next?

I could bake something from scratch; there was no yeast to back bread, no olive oil but lots of flour. I could go to the store and spend the last five dollars I had in the bank or read a book, I grabbed a book.

I could not concentrate on the book I kept thinking about washcloths and throws and bread making. What about soap?

I looked at the soap I had in stock. Hmmm, I had at least five bars of each of the six types of soap I made- I need to restock. What!!!!! No Olive OIl!

What do I do???? This is serious I have to make something. I need to make something.

And then my husband asked: “I need to go to Walmart. Do you want to go?”
“Yes!” I said, perhaps to eagerly as thoughts of yarn and fabric danced in my head.

In the store I played it cool. We got a few items needed for dinner and the two things he wanted and then…
“Were you going to get anything?” he asked.
“Well,” I responded softly “since we are here I wanted to look at the yarn. I don’t have a project to do.”
“Go get your yarn.” He gallantly responded. My hero!
I purchased enough yarn to make at least two wash cloths. I looked at fabric but did not see anything I liked. I went home but was not content.
After starting the washcloth I decided to go to the fabric store “just to look”. The clearance section was an additional 50% off and so I purchased more fabric. Did I mention I had purchased yeast while at Walmart.
I also purchased a plant at Home Depot that needed to be transplanted.

Life is as it should be, I have projects waiting to be completed. My name is Nettie and I am a craft-a-holic.

And that is the world according to NETTIE xxx Short Stories and essays and other ramblings by Marsha L F Randolph; All rights reserved do not use without the permission of the author Marsha L F Randolph