Saturday, October 29, 2016


One of the things I see in Preppers is passion. Passion is an emotion and emotions lead to behaviors that are not always beneficial. Domesday Preppers are, to say the least, extreme in their mindset to the point in which I would say some have become overly cautious; fearful.

The Bible tells us to be ready not to be fearful. Those who trust God more than man can be watchful and live in peace.

Of course the flip side is those who choose not to get ready for emergencies. Recently the news reported that the entire island of Puerto Rico was without electricity, not everyone was ready for the emergency. Nor was Flint Michigan ready for bad water. There is no where in the United States of America where some type of emergency preparedness is not necessary, everyone should be ready.

In my book YOU’RE NOT READY I discuss prepping from a Christian perspective presenting a biblical basis for prepping.

The more I learn the more I appreciate passionate Preppers, even if they are wrong they are right.  It is the passionate Preppers that teach me what I need to consider in my efforts to be ready for emergencies. Had everyone on the island of Puerto Rico been a Prepper no-lights would have been no problem.

As I have said in numerous post I am a hybrid-Prepper, mainly because my husband is not a “Prepper” though he is  more read for emergencies than most.

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