Monday, October 10, 2016


For years I tried to convince my family that the best Christmas gifts don’t cost a lot of money but they do require a lot of thought. Unfortunately, far to many people do not agree.

A few years ago I stopped participating in gift exchange activities. One of the practices we had was to make a wish list of five items under a specific price range to be sure the individual who picked your name did not have problems purchasing your gift. The need for a wish list is symbolic of the lack of relationship participants had with members of the family. Despite my creating a list of things that could have been purchased anywhere, including CVS, my became a re-purposed gift.

I appreciate all gifts simply because I know the giver took the time to think of me and purchase something appropriate. However, in the instance of gift exchanges in which it becomes clear that the individual is presenting you an item out of obligation not desire it is borderline offensive.  I have done secret Santa at work that had more appropriate gifts.

I have had many home made gifts from not only my children and grandchildren but from friends as well. For me the love and thought that went into the gift and the presentation of the item is priceless.
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Christmas should be a time of remembering the love of our Lord Jesus who gave His life so that we could have eternal life with Father God. December 25th is not His actual birthday but it is the day we set aside to remember the significance of His birth. Such a thoughtful act should be remembered by thoughtful actions there is nothing more personal than a gift made by your own hands.

Christmas has become a time of materialism and not appreciation. There is nothing wrong with purchasing gifts for loved ones; what is not good is going into debt to purchase items you cannot afford.  What is not good is buying according to the number of gifts a person has nor is it good to purchase a child something because everyone else is getting it. Christmas should be a time of fellowship and thanksgiving.

A homemade Christmas is more than just gifts made by the individual. Homemade Christmas begins with the heart and a desire to give.