Saturday, January 7, 2017


Why read when you can watch the movie? Why write when you can send a video?
When my Instagram account updated a new feature was added- the ability to video; I was thinking about how annoying Facebook Live was becoming, and now this? The ability of people to communicate with each other has been going down hill for quite sometime and technology has accommodated this trend.

Why should people read? The advantage of reading is the ability to cross reference. When I write my Bible study blog, A MATTER OF FAITH, I will include  a few verses of Scripture however there are just as many, if not more, that I simply reference. My readers are encouraged to check the Word for themselves this should be applicable to any non-fiction material a person reads. One of the problems today is the frequent ‘corrections’ publications and media outlets have to make, unfortunately these corrections are not emphasized as much as the proven to be fake bit of information.

When reading fiction, like my book THE TRUTH ABOUT VASHTAI, a person is forced to imagine. Isn’t it interesting that Disney makes millions if not billions getting people to imagine! When I write fiction I can see the characters in my mind and have been known to laugh at some of the things one has done. I love HINDS FEET IN HIGH PLACES by Hannah Hunard because of the story line but the writer was able to take me to the village of the main character. Lovers of print are often disappointed when they go to a movie- why does anyone want to be told what to see? A person who reads must participate.

I remember when I first stopped reading picture books, for me it was a rights of passage and an indication that my mind was able to see what the writer was clearly describing. One of the first things I was told about blogging was it was important to have graphics.  What many people fail to understand is the media uses images to manipulate what you focus on and how you receive information; they will show a terrible picture of someone they do not want you to like and a good picture of someone they do want you to like.  The purpose of the image is to take you where the writer wants you to go.

The Bible does not have pictures. Yes some have incorporated graphics and pictures but the original is only words. The lack of pictures is, probably, the reason why there are so many different images of Jesus. Inserting images like a beautiful slim woman at the well as Jesus approaches is what causes people to believe that the Bible is about white people. Without pictures the reader must accept the words as written in context of other words.

I try to keep my blogs short, generally my goal is 500 words people seem to loose interest if there are more. I reluctantly created a YouTube Channel (Nettie F R)the response is far greater than that of my writings- same concept different format. Yes, I have a Twitter account, 3 Facebook pages, an Instagram account, a Pintrest account, a Google+ page, and though I don’t know why I am on LinkedIn: social media has its positives but I am a writer and therefor all of these venues inspire some of my writings.

I enjoyed Instagram because it was captured moments. Why does a person need to speak when a picture says a thousand words? Are we becoming a society that just hates writing? This is my opinion: We have become to dependent on technology. At any given moment at any given time the electricity can be cut off, the news feeds can be controlled and the source of information can disappear. How do you communicate then?

It has already been revealed that both Facebook and Twitter control news feeds thus limiting the information I receive.

I appreciate a letter from a friend or a card in the mail.  These old fashioned ways of communicating tell me that this person thinks enough of me to pause in their busy day and say “I am thinking of you.” Remember when we complained about email?   xxx Marsha L F Randolph

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