Friday, January 27, 2017


Our bodies speak to us. Our stomach will growl when we are hungry; it is hard to keep our eyes open or focus on a task when we are tired; both are indications of a physical need. When something is our out of order our body tells us: elevated temperatures are a clue that something is not right within one of the body systems; pain reveals that something is broken, out of place, or inflamed.  There are many symptoms, clues, that something is not right; these clues are what doctors use when trying to determine what is wrong with you, unfortunately they don’t always get it right.

I was watching a ROKU yoga channel one day and the instructor was encouraging the participants to listen to their body. Excellent advice. Instead of telling your friends and family about your aches and pains listen to your body and make the necessary practical adjustments. There will be times when you will have to seek medical advice but more often than not you need to just stop doing what you were doing and do what you should be doing- eating right, exercise, and rest.

Doctors don’t cure, they treat symptoms based on what they were taught in school. Although there is a growing number of doctors who are incorporating holistic ideas to health care they are few and far between. Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal and it is better to eat and drink what your body needs in its God created form.

Taking care of your body is better for if you wish to live long and prosper. One of the unintended consequences of modern technology and modern medicine is the ease in which one can allow another person to take control of his medical needs verses learning what is needed to maintain good health. No one has to think if they don’t want to but those who apply common sense to their lifestyle seem to be happier and healthier.

The problem is man cannot outsmart God there is only so much a person can do. At some point people begin taking pills to help them take the pills the doctor prescribed; they have surgery to correct the surgery the physician performed. People gain back the weight they lost, even plastic surgery does not last forever. Prevention is the best cure and natural correction is the best way to address your health.

There has to be a balance, incorporate the knowledge man has achieved over the years with the wisdom of common sense. Get to know your body.  You should know what your normal blood pressure is and what your normal body temperature is. Are you a morning person, an afternoon person or a late night person; no need of doing something in the morning if you prefer late nights!  Examine your diet and balance it out, don’t force yourself to eat what you hate, there are alternative foods to get the same nutritional intake. The goal is to establish a lifestyle that reflects you.

When I state that “man cannot outsmart God” I am implying that He, God, has given us internal signals to diagnose a problem and there are quite a few natural remedies.  The side effects of vaccines, prescription drugs and even processed foods vary from person to person which is why it is important that you get to know your body.

Let today be the day you start to take control of your body. NO, I am not suggesting you stop taking your medicines but I am suggesting that you learn the side effects of them. Begin by evaluating your lifestyle and start correcting one thing.      xxx Marsha L F Randolph

The words written are based on my personal experience and knowledge and are not presented as advice; I am not a medical professional. The reader is encouraged to do his or her own research.
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