Monday, January 9, 2017


It is a mundane life that I live. Despite living a ten minute drive north to high end stores and ten minutes south to low priced stores and minutes away from all things in between I don’t go there. I don’t like malls, I don’t like the latest designer products and I definitely do not like paying for over priced products that I can make myself; particularly if what I make is a lot healthier for me.
I make my own hair oil, skin moisturizer, soap and deodorant. I have been a long time believer in using baking soda to brush my teeth  and use toothpaste occasionally but not to often.  I also make my own laundry detergent, I have made dishwasher powder but I found a dollar store brand that was cheaper so I use it instead. I love making my own soy candles and am obsessed with my knitted wash cloths. Recently I made a make-up pad but since I don’t wear make-up that often I haven’t had a chance to try it out.
As I write this I have a nice cozy homemade throw over my shoulders that I made just for me. I crocheted it as well as the bedroom slippers that are somewhere on my bedroom floor. I have yet to make a quilt! :(
Now, I am describing things that I made for me because if I don’t like it why would I give it to or sell it to someone else?
What I don’t give away or sell are the clothes that I make. I am usually disappointed when I purchase things from the store.  Over the years I have discovered items at the thrift store are more in line with my taste but even those are not as prevalent as they use to be. I like traditional conservative clothes. I am not a trend setter or a fashion follower my closet has clothing that are over twenty years old; if you buy the same style in stores they call it vintage and charge a lot of money. Right now all I make are skirts because I cannot find a decent skirt pattern I have to make my own. I like ankle length maxi-skirts, loose fitting pencil.

There is nothing fancy or super sophisticated about the things I cook. Food is in a different category of homemade products since even homemade breads can have harmful man made products in them. I am learning more and more about the harmful effects of GMO foods and that not everything labeled organic is organic in it’s purist sense. But for now I am enjoying making bread and the tomatoes I grew are delicious.

I can’t do everything, nor do I want to do everything. Until recently I thought I bought the best eggs and then I tried Pete and Gerry’s, yes they cost more but they are worth it. These eggs take me back to my childhood and farm fresh produce.

It is easy to make the various products I make but it is not simple which is why not everyone is willing to try.  Some of the things I make require a lot of preparation, like soap or sewing projects. Other things take a lot of time, like growing vegetables or crocheting a quilt. Even making soap powder is time consuming, most people would rather spend a Saturday morning doing something else. It is unfortunate that people do not want to at least try.

I believe everyone, and I mean everyone, should know the basics of making certain things themselves. When people ask me what I use on my skin: I can tell them the products are simply homemade. xxx Marsha L F Randolph

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