Monday, January 16, 2017

No Political Affiliation: M L King & BLACK HISTORY MONTH

I started a lengthy response to a Facebook post and decided it would be best shared on a Blog. I had no intention of writing anything about Martin Luther King Jr. holiday but here it is.

My opinion of The Martin Luther King Jr holiday is the same as for Black History Month- The very people it was established to represent have absolutely no clue, and could really care less, about the significance of either.

Most people can only quote part of the I HAVE A DREAM speech and have no knowledge of why it is significant; many are not familiar with any of his other speeches or they he spoke them from the pulpit. If you ever walk down any of the numerous Martin Luther King BLVDs you will see unkempt streets and destroyed communities - there is no honor to the one the street was named after. For some MLK day is a time to enjoy a 3 day weekend, party, and / or watch a family member participate in a parade.

Very few people of color know their own family history. During Black History Month public schools present a selective amount of history, a history that today is being manipulated and key individuals being eliminated from the books.   As of March 1 most stop thinking about Black history.

This year, as we prepare to inaugurate our 45th President, American Negroes from the current President of the United States of America, the Black Congressional Caucus, various celebrities and athletes who are Negro Americans, Black Lives Matter, and even non-Negro individuals, have behaved, are behaving in the most juvenile disrespectful way because they do not like the way the system works. Their foolishness is a discredit to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And a slap in the face to the thousands of men and women of color who endured hardship so that we would live a better life. The history of the American Negro is one of faith and endurance not that of promoting hate and destruction.

America had a Black president, Barrack Hussein Obama, and the record will show that he did absolutely nothing to promote the accomplishments of the American Negro. What he did do was encourage abortions, celebrate homosexuality and increase his personal wealth. The Congressional Black Caucus has continued the same impotent agenda that it has had for decades,  ignoring the plight of the people they represent while it’s members individual wealth has grown. Organizations such as Black Lives Matter have done more to play into the stereotypes of Black men than any other group could have possibly done.

President Elect Donald J Trump has come forward and declared- “I see the trouble the Black Community faces and I will help.” He is not the first non-Black person to reach out to the Black community; the difference is he is offering a hand up not a hand out.

His name is Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, his words reflect the gospel not this foolishness that these so called Black leaders are releasing today.  It is these individuals who have made this day and Black History Month the exercise in futility it has become.  xxx Marsha L F Randolph

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