Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Sean Hannity a radio and television talk show personality has been saying for years ‘Journalism is dead;’ I don’t disagree. After the 2016 election the media, the socialist thinking progressive outlet for the distribution of narrow minded information, began using the phrase ‘fake news.’ Journalism, if you compare it to what was presented in the early 60’s and what is presented as journalism today does not exist- it is dead.

The media outlets cry “fake news” as it pertains to information presented by bloggers and shared on social media yet their are years of stories reported so inaccurately that it tainted their reputation. Consider NBC’s media personality Brian Williams who was suspended for six months because elaborated on a story.  Remember the Pulitzer prize being taken away from Janet Cooke who wrote a series that appeared in the Washington Post but was later found to be ‘fabricated’. How about the wonderful story found in the New York Times written by Jayson Blair? Another fabrication. If a child elaborated on a story the parent would discipline him for lying.

Yet the media has not learned its’ lesson. Do you remember the lie initiated by the White House regarding the trigger for the Benghazi attack and promoted by the media? A video produced by an American unknown.
Of the many irresponsible “journalistic” stories is the one that was the seed to mass confusion and destruction in America; “Hands up don't’ shoot.” This chant, which was reiterated on the floor of Congress, made great headlines but was far from the truth. The young man who the media reported was shot and killed by law enforcement even though he had his hands up in the air as if to surrender- FALSE.

Journalism should be the act of researching and validating information and presenting it in a concrete unbiased way allowing the reader or hearer to develop his own conclusion.

As it is presented by the Socialist Thinking Progressive Outlets: Fake News is the presentation of information by sources other than: CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, ABC,CBS, NBC, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and other outlets that believe the world is to stupid to know how to think. During the next four years we can expect these media outlets to inseminate its’ audience with information I would call artificial intelligence. I suspect that information that is contrary to their ideology will be labeled fake news.

Why will there be a move to declare information as “fake”? Because they have not been able to discredit such information powerhouses like Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity any other way. Think about this the African American History Museum in Washington DC does not think Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is worthy of being presented as one who achieved.

The so called non-fake news outlets have problems with the idea that when Judge Jenine Pirro or  Ann Coulter speak people listen. People such as Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, Michelle Malkin who have blogs as opposed to traditional news columns share facts to their followers. Thomas Sewell and Alan Keyes  teachers of wisdom and knowledge having sharing what they know for years. It is the opinions, references and comments presented by these individuals that are often shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Since Social Media is able to spread the facts of what is happening around the world as well as distribute information people would not receive from the liberal media the cry of 2017 will be anything read on Social Media is fake.
As for me and my Conservative friends we will continue to reject information that has been artificially created and then forced inside our heads. We will do what we have always done- CHECK FOR ACCURACY BEFORE BELIEVING.      xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph 

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