Thursday, January 12, 2017


Sometimes the news just irritates me. Over the years I have discovered that I hate watching it but I feel I do need to know what other people think- just in case they do something that forces Jesus to come sooner than planned (I write that with sarcasm).

The problem most people have is that they are loyal to an identity. Take for example the American Negro- I can talk about colored folk cause I am. They were so loyal to Obama that they ignored the obvious. He came from Chicago, by way of Hawaii and some country in the east, and the American Negro killed each other in record numbers while he was in office. All those executive orders he wrote not one said anything about raising the minimum wage though he sure talked a good game! He was talkin’ smack! You learn how to talk smack when you are gettin’ high on college campuses. (Again I write with sarcasm.) There are more things he did not do for the American Negro while he was in office but you get what I am saying.

When you watch the news during an election cycle you see how identity plays a key role in how people think. Remember the year Hillary Clinton went to a traditional ‘African-American’ church in the south and she had a southern accent as she began her speech. “I don’t feel no ways tired” She said in her best Black people voice- and they loved it! But of course her tone was different when she gave a speech in front of feminist; she spoke without an accent with self-righteous indignation. (Who cares if she and her husband don’t pay women as much as they do men.) Remember when Romney was running for President and he did not want the poor people to know he was rich? (Laugh out loud!)

I know a few homosexuals, Muslims and women who have had abortion so what I am about to write is does not apply to all ONLY THE EXTREME individuals.  The LGBT community need to go back into the closet, give themselves a time out! I do not have to endorse your behavior and if you have male genitalia you have no business in the bathroom with women. Because my church says that marriage is between a man and a woman does not stop you from living your life so move on. Homosexuality has been around for years, remember Sodom and Gomorrah? (Yep, in the end God will judge us all.)  Passing laws that say you can have a church wedding doesn’t mean I will come nor does it mean you should be disrespectful to those who do not agree with you.

OK; now I am ranting. Here is what I am trying to say in 500 words or less. Character has nothing to do with external factors. Being Black does not make you an honorable person. Being a Democrat does not make you a just individual. Your sexuality has nothing to do with your righteousness. And supporting, being loyal to, people because of who they identify with is dumb.

The LGBT community destroyed a business because the couple would not bake a same sex wedding cake; they challenged a Christian bakery not a Muslim bakery. Presumably the two were united and had a cake, it was never about the cake.

Hillary Clinton’s southern accent went away quickly as did her unrighteous anger regarding feminine issues. It was always about the vote.

I don’t know why America thought a Community Organizer who got elected in the Senate because of the push (manipulation) of others would make a leader to people of various interest. He will go down if not the worst then the most anti-America President in history (my opinion and I am not laughing.)
The one thing I do know: The Negro American repeatedly has self inflicted wounds because they are loyal to identity.  End of rant- Nettie.

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