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What is the philosophy of least resistance? It is a belief system developed based on what the majority of people around you believe. It is a belief that a people group behave a specific way- Black people, Hispanic people, Asian people and so forth; all based on stereotypes, generalizations. Traditions are philosophies that can dictate how a family behaves. Ideas exalted by celebrities, the media and various well known leaders serve as validation to otherwise illogical concepts. To accept the words of the known and pursue an idea independent of ideas can be met with great opposition by those who enjoy the status quo; to go against what is known can be like climbing a tall rocky mountain.

Sometimes when I listen to people explain why they believe what they believe I am dumbfounded. It is apparent that these individuals have chosen to accept the philosophy of least resistance, an idea that allows them not to assume personal responsibility.

I was watching a YouTube clip in which the speaker, Justin, pointed out that there were some things out of the realm of my influence- “OUT OF MY CONTROL”  published November 10, 2016: Justin Rhodes channel. I know that I cannot stop people from behaving the way that they choose to act, even if those people are family. I can decide if I want to agree, disagree or ignore; that is within the realm of my world, under my influence.

It was not easy for me to change my political ideology or my religious understanding. Surrounded by Democrats and Baptist I had to step out of my comfort zone and associate with people who thought differently. It was a life journey that was not easy.

Others were more accepting of me when I changed from Democrat to Independent than they were when I changed from Independent to Republican. There are some Republicans who do not understand my registering as No Political Affiliation. Likewise, when I left the Baptist church and joined a Black non-denominational church family and friends said very little. Now that I have distanced myself from the tradition of ‘church,’ seek to fellowship with like believers, and I study Scripture daily I am avoided by many traditional church goers. Neither of these changes occurred overnight nor was it easy; I would say: the road I choose to travel is narrow.

It is easier to take the wider path, the road with less visible obstacles. There are many of us out there, individuals who choose to think for themselves. We endure the name calling, the disrespect, the rejection by family and friends in exchange for peace of mind and success. What is not seen on the wider road is the discontent hover over each person’s head.

It is hard work being a people pleaser! People who go along to get along are unhappy, I have yet to find a person who follows the crowd that has constant peace. So why do so many people live this way? Because they think it is easier.

I have found, in pursuing the uniqueness that is me, I have less people around me. Though family and friends may reject my being different I choose to accept them because in loving who I am I can love other people. I also discovered, by not submitting to stereotypes it is easier to meet people who respect my individuality.

I am not writing of rebellion. Rebelling is easy it requires you not doing anything.  I write of being who you were meant to be based on your God given talent. I would go so far as to suggest that- living a life of least resistance, doing what everyone else is doing, requires you go against your God given talent thus in following the crowd your are rebelling. People who take the easy way eventually regret the decisions they have made.

I see so many people working hard and playing hard yet during their down time are so unhappy. Unfortunately, these individuals are so indoctrinated into thinking of life based on identity- skin color, ethnicity, etcetera- that they fail to see beyond these man made types.  Learning to live a life of purpose, which is the key to loving yourself, is easier than many think complicated only by the opinions of others.

To live a life of purpose one must: think, study; think, plan; think and do.    xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

Change is never easy. I firmly
believe that without faith change
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