Sunday, February 26, 2017


I would deem my second ‘serious’ attempt at growing stuff a success. Though I did not produce a lot of items I did learn my strengths and weaknesses when it comes to gardening.

Like everything you do, it is important to keep the main thing the main thing. For me the main thing is writing, often I get lost in words and do not want to water the tomatoes, but they got watered eventually.

It is important to keep a gardening journal so you know remember what works and does not work. I am trying to keep a planting journal and last week I planted marigold seeds; oops! I forgot to make a note of the date I planted the seed and I have sprouts! The good news is I took pictures; according to INSTAGRAM I planted the  marigolds 3 days ago.  Making gardening notes is not a priority for me but it is important for future gardening plans. I am learning.

Like everything in life learning to garden is a process. My first attempt at gardening was during the ‘Square foot gardening’ trend in the 90’s. For those of us who lived in the suburbs. I, like my neighbors, rented a patch of land to grow using the square foot gardening principles, unfortunately I worked 72 hours a week and had 3 children- I am sure everything grew I just was not around to see what actually happened.

I discovered MIgardener on YouTube and enjoyed the way he taught. The family teaches about gardening on the channel and sells the seeds produced by their plants. My first order from MIgardener was Marigolds and Cilantro each pack contained approximately 100 seeds which is great at 99 cent a pack.

I decided to try growing marigolds so I created a makes shift seed started kit by using re-purposed yogurt containers and an old plastic shoe box that I had purchased from the dollar store. Unfortunately I could not find my starter soil so I just used dirt I had on hand to plant my seeds in.  I watered the seeds very generously and set my make shift seed starter kit in the window. Set it- and forget it!

NO YOU CANNOT FORGET IT!  Consider this: I ordered Marigold and Cilantro from MIgardener on February 15, they arrived February 21. I decided to plant the Marigolds February 22; today, the 26th, I happened to look at the plants and they had sprouted! Oh my! I have to make sure I have enough pots to put the plants in when they are ready.

From seed to sprouts.
The MARIGOLDS are doing well!

And so it is, things are definitely growing here in South Florida! The aloe vera plants are multiplying happily. The lucky bamboo have adapted to their container and are growing. My one, what I believe to be  dieffenbachia that I purchased from Home Depot, is growing up in what was once a Folger’s coffee #re-purpose!  However, I did transfer the two philodendron clippings into actual dollar store purchased planters.  The tomato plants have grown and gone. Oh, did I forget the Avocado seed that is sitting in water? The roots are looking wonderful. I am a happy Country in the City girl!

As long as I drink coffee I will have planters and as long as I have planters I will plant. My suggestion to you- Order a 99cent pack of seeds from MIgardner and grow something!

I almost forgot! I visited the lemon plants I gave to my aunt last year and they are doing well! I started more lemon plants from seed and four have sprouted so far.

It really does not take a lot of money to grow your own. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

The lemon plants started from seed are in repurposed peanut containers (some were painted) The seeds were started January 21 & 25 and potted February 4th. 

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