Thursday, February 16, 2017


After many years of being married to Chip I can tell you that he is indeed a husband. When I look at the advertisements and listen to the conversations of men and women regarding Valentine’s day I can gauge the ones that will endure the hard times and the good times without changing anything.

When Chip and I were first married, even when we were just dating, on Valentines Day he was sure to buy me roses accompanied by a gift, a night out, a box of expensive chocolates and a card. A few years after we were married, as the big day approached we were sitting on the front porch talking.

“What do you really want for Valentine’s day?” he asked me.
“Nothin’” I responded.
“Nothing!” he looked at me shocked.
“As long as we have been together Chip you have showered me with gifts throughout the year. If you did not treat me special all the time, or you took me for granted then maybe I would have a list, or I would expect you to do something special for me. I don’t need a Hallmark card to tell me what you think of me. I appreciate all the Valentines day we have had together but I appreciate more your gifts of appreciation when I least expected and need it the most.”
“Why do you go out of your way to get me something on Valentines Day?” Chip asked.
“Because I know you are getting me something; it is a reciprocal gift. Remember a few months when I got you that new set of tools? It wasn’t your birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day or even Valentine’s day. I bought them because I knew you would love them, God knows you don’t need them! But I love getting you things.
“And your response just made my day! You ran and told all your friends what ‘your wife’ had done for you. That let me know that you understood how much I loved and appreciate you.
“To me chip a wife is a wife everyday of the year. Why am I going to wear special night clothes one day of the year when you see me naked everyday? Why are you buying roses, that are more expensive on February 14th than they are on February the 1st, just because someone said it makes a great gift?”

“You are right.” Chip interrupted me. Any woman can put on a sexy night gown but not every woman can be a loving wife everyday of the year as you are.
“I don’t think I understood what it meant to love someone when I was younger. I agree, Naomi, February 14th is a day for business to make money. For me our anniversary is our Valentine’s day because that is the day we became one.
“Do you know what really makes me happy Naomi, Chip rarely calls me by my given name?”
“What Evan?” I responded in kind.
“Knowing that as I grow old I have someone to sit on the front porch with.”
“You can’t put that in a card!” I smiled, stood up and walk to his side and sat on his lap. We rocked for a long time saying nothing.  Now this was a sexy valentine and it wasn’t even valentines day.  xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

Short Stories, essays and other ramblings presented as told by NETTIE a pseudo-fictional character created by Marsha L F Randolph. The characters created are the figment of the author Marsha L F Randolph’s imagination.  The author, Marsha L F Randolph maintains all rights associated with copyright laws; do not use post / articles without the permission of the author Marsha L F Randolph. All quotes should cite Marsha L F Randolph as the author.
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