Friday, February 24, 2017


What I see today is EXTREME IDEOLOGY! The intensity at which many have taken on the cause of being a Democrat or Republican is mind blowing. I am glad I decided to register as No Political Affiliation- my loyalty is to God and then country, less stress.

I read a story in which a gentleman threatened to cut his penis off if Trump builds wall and then I read another individual determined to do the same thing? Really???? (I would link the site but the crappy ads associated with it would not be fair to you.)

Of course most people hear about individuals who are protesting by standing in the highway blocking traffic. This is an invitation to get hit by a car.

How about the women who protested by wearing homemade replicas of their genitalia and placed it on their head. Or the ones who thought it made sense to stand naked in a public place with words written on their butts!  Who cares?

The manifestations of: anger, hate, fear, depression, worry, frustration and even thoughts of self mutilation because of an ideology are mind boggling to me. How does one man, President Donald J Trump, have the ability to bring out this type of behavior? Even such physical symptoms as: hair loss, weight gain, weight loss, and digestive problems can be associated with stress related to your extreme political ideology.

By comparison, many of us who were not supporters of Barrack Obama endured the 8 years of his presidency by verbalizing our displeasure and focusing on other things. No man that I know of threatened to cut his genitalia nor did any woman make an image of her genitalia and place it on her head. We discipline toddlers for running in the street because of the danger which is why this behavior was not done from 2008 through 2016.

These political ideologies could lead to your death! Standing in the middle of a highway and assuming the driver will stop when he or she sees you. Accidents happen.

When your passions are so out of balance that you are willing to take foolish, YES FOOLISH, action even though common sense would reveal that it is ineffective then it is time to rethink your politics. Perhaps therapy would be in order.

Perhaps it is because some people are dependent on the political parties to tell them how to think. If the party is in disarray so is the individual.Remember the saying: “Idle hands are the devils workshop”? Perhaps these people just need a life outside of politics.

I am a woman of faith. I am not dependent on a church leader or a politician to tell me how to live or think. When listening to a politician triggers a negative emotion I turn the channel. I don’t have to watch the news.

The healthiest people I know are either registered Independents or registered No Political Affiliation. They know what is going on politically and vote what is in the best interest of the country. They live however doing what is in the best interest of themselves and their family outside of the realm of politics.   xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

The words written are based on my personal experience and knowledge and are not presented as advice; I am not a medical professional. The reader is encouraged to do his or her own research. 
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