Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Do you remember when the t-shirts ‘I’M WITH STUPID” first came out? It was funny,  when it first came out but it is not so humorous today. It seems the media is promoting  stupid behaviors as logical activities because they are 'with' stupid.

My disclaimer: I was not a Barrack Obama supporter I thought his policies were terrible and not good for the country. Even before he was elected, as  I listened to his campaign speeches he did not seem credible. Yes, he drew large crowds, looked half way decent  to some and said what the people wanted to hear; rock stars look half way decent, sing what the people want to here and draw large crowds - I wanted a leader for the country not the chorus.  Furthermore: I did not like his ‘distribution of wealth ideology and, as a person of faith, his faith was questionable. (There is no biblical basis for Black separation theology.- or whatever his then Pastor Wright preached.) BUT  I tried to be respectful and I did not belittle people who supported him.

Conservatives disagreed with most of his, Obama's,  policies but did attempt to work with him and the Democrats. Example: the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a Obamacare.  Barrack Obama is no longer President and Donald J. Trump is now the leader of the United States of America.  Unfortunately, the transition from one administration to another is less than smooth; it is the most ludicrous ever witnessed. What is happening makes no sense to me or anyone else with a lick of common sense and much of the media thinks this stupid behavior is the right thing to do.

Can anyone please explain to me: What the flip is going on? Blocked highways, Starbucks destroyed, celebrities threatening to leave the country, actors threatening to not act (more on that later) AND politicians who disagree with the President before he even speaks!

Much of the outrage has to do with immigration. When then President Obama put a hold on immigration it was OK.  Despite beheadings, bombings, rapes, and other forms of mayhem from various individuals  who want to do the same in the U.S.A, it is not OK for now President Trump to put a hold on immigration.  Are we supposed to wait until a celebrity is killed before action is taken?

There were celebrities who threatened to leave the country if Donald J Trump won the election- he won they are still here. Now I hear reports of celebrities wanting to boycott Hollywood and cancel the Oscars. ????? Who cares! These individuals who get paid to pretend actually think the majority of Americans care and will force the President out of office because movies will be canceled! STUPID! I am not with you.

Hollywood is truly living up to its' reputation of being Hollyweird. However, there are some in Congress who drink the same kool-aid.

Representative Maxine Waters, a 78 year old Democrat  Congresswoman from California, should know that you have to have a reason to impeach someone other than you don't like his policies. Nancy, "you have to pass the bill before you read it', Pelosi's reputation was known before she suggested to the young lady that abortion would have been better option for her biological mother than  blessing her adoptive mother with a child. Which is why: these two women  together  adds new meaning to the concept "I'm with stupid!"

Maxine Waters, in making a false accusation of President Trump, could not get her countries straight; she confused Crimea with Korea.  to be fair, they both have the "ka'" sound. And 76 year old  Nancy Pelosi, Democrat  Congressional Minority Leader from California,  confessed that she could not work with  Bush which is technically correct because he has not been President for over 8 years(assuming she was not referring to his father.  Note: the media liberal media did not point out any of these misrepresentations of the truth.

With celebrities and politicians behaving so ridiculously everyday liberal women did not want to be left out. So they gathered together on the streets of Washington DC with homemade genitalia on their heads demanding the government let them kill their unborn children, pay for their birth control but not tell them how to conduct their personal life.  Should I go on?

As I speak the Democrats are delaying the vote on a Cabinet position even thought they know the person will get voted in.  Why? Because it is a Donald Trump appointee.

What is unfortunate is this stupid behavior is trickling down to the children:  Consider the young man who was suspended because he wore a Trump hat, Make America Great Again, and his classmates bullied him and fought him. Liberal logic: It is your fault you are a victim.

Consider what happens when a Pastor who believes in the Bible shares Scripture to a child:

Why is all of this happening? I have two theories.

  • There is a double standard among a specific segment of the population that has to do with self declared self-importance. There are people who consider themselves to be god thus their opinions are 500% correct and everyone must fall in line.
  • The Bible said it would happened.

There is another saying:

xxx written by Marsha L. F. Randolph
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