Tuesday, February 14, 2017


MY THOUGHTS from Facebook 2/14/2017:
Valentine's day is not as unique to me as it is to others. I see it as a day for florist to raise the prices of flowers, hallmark to make money on a declining business and chocolate companies and jewelry companies to make even more of a profit.I prefer year-round treats. HOWEVER, February 14th means everyone has 9 days to get my birthday gift,I do not care for; Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary or even Christmas presents BUT IF my 'inner circle' ignores my BIRTHDAY then Houston we have a problem! That is my planned self indulgent Happy New Year day!
That is what I wrote this morning and then I was on YouTube listening to Danny and Wanda of Deep South Homestead. As I listened to their conversation I could not help think: Every couple who is considering getting married as well as those who are married should listen to them. I have to share this video.
 As I listened to their story and looked at their interraction with each other I relate: Rodney and I have been through worst, poorer, and sickness; we have withstood the test of time.