Thursday, March 9, 2017


Laws are established to maintain order, it also provides an equal starting point for individual lifestyles. It does not matter who you are or where you come from the law is to be adhered to or there will be consequences. This principle of actions and response are present within the Bible and the government.

Unfortunately, today, many have become very good at disregarding the law in order to advance personal desires. This is true not only for those who call themselves believers in God but political leaders as well. This breaking of the law has become standard operating procedure. Immigration guidelines is one of the laws that is being ignored by many.

I have had an opinion on illegal immigration for quite a while and have voiced it to many; I have yet, until now, written my opinion. My delay is the knowledge that I have many non-American born friends who have much stronger feelings than I on this topic; I have yielded my voice to allow them to speak both the pros and the cons. But as I listen to the rhetoric of various politicians and the reports on the news I hear the topic of illegal immigration from a Hispanic point of view not an American one.

The one thing I have not been silent on is Haitian immigration. When I first moved to South Florida I would hear reports of Cubans and Haitians arriving in America- the Cubans were received and the Haitians sent back to their country. The idea that a group of people received preferential treatment and another group who was suffering just as much if not worst was not right.

When I lived up north I had quite a few friends that were born outside of the USA. These individuals came from various countries in Africa as well as Europe an Asia. It cost quite a bit of money for them to get here, thousands of American dollars. It also took years to become an American citizen.

In enduring their journey to citizenship my friends came to love this country.

With the knowledge of my friends, who came here legally, struggles I cannot endorse illegal immigration. In doing so it becomes unfair to those who did things the right way.

What bothers me today more than anything else is the media’s emphasis on Spanish speaking migration. The media presents a scenario in which individuals come to this country to work in the fields ‘picking cotton’ and cleaning toilets, though this may be a stepping stone for some it is not a lifetime activity.

Using someone else’s Social Security number, identity theft- another crime- far to many illegal aliens obtain good jobs. These individuals, who paid nothing into the system, take advantage of every government benefit they can get- shelter, food, health care, and education. This is not right.

I support helping individuals in other countries develop farms for food, build low cost housing and educate as many people as are willing to learn.

I also support sending everyone- man, woman and child- back to their country and having them re-enter the correct way. How tragic- a child born in America being sent back to his or her parents country! That is not as bad as a veteran who risked his physical and mental life for this country not being able to get the care he or she needs while illegals get everything. When these individuals are sent back I support there being able to return LEGALLY.

For the record I do not support people coming into this country who hate Americans. I also encourage those who promised to leave if Donald Trump became President to do as they said- go.

In the Old Testament people who did not obey the law died instantly. God did not play! In the New Testament we have mercy- a time to correct our wrong behavior- until Jesus returns. The government is not God and God is not the government, you will not be struck dead for disobeying the law and if you were here long enough to create a family you were here long enough to become a legal citizen. I stand with our government as they enforce the laws of the land.

With all of the attention on Spanish speaking people no one realizes that HAITIANS ARE BEING SENT BACK AND NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING. xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

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