Saturday, April 22, 2017


I have not mentioned it in a while however that does not mean it is not on my mind: being ready. When I look at what is going on around the world and I listened to the words of various not-famous people my belief in the necessity to be ready for any type of emergency increases.

We live in a politically unstable and ideologically corrupt world, even in America. As I mentioned in other post Donald J Trump is not God he is the President therefore his presidency is not about delivering us from evil but an opportunity for us to get ready for what is to come.

Like Noah, God has given us time to get ready. Noah did not have any idea what rain was or when it would come he simply obeyed the Spirit of God and built an ark.  We as Believers know that Jesus is coming, we don’t know when and many people believe in case of an emergency the government will help. Noah trusted God not the rulers of the day or popular opinion.

Many things are happening now. From time to time people experience temporary power outages or a disruption of cellular service the inconvenience causes some people to become frustrated. Many people have experienced hacking of their computer or some other type of cyber attack in which data has been illegally obtained. Even in America there has been people of different faiths attacked. These things are occurring now and in some countries it is of the extreme, meaning people are enslaved, raped and or persecuted. Yes, there is a problem with sex trafficking in America.

Far to many people are trusting a group of people, who have proven themselves to be selfish and immoral, to help them in times of need but these government officials will turn their backs on such individuals. I suspect, based on the accumulation of their personal wealth while in office, these so called representatives have already turned their back on the people. Government corruption is the norm not the exception.

The lack of integrity among elected officials is reason enough to learn how NOT to be dependent on the government. With the proliferation of GMO products being forced among the people directly or indirectly growing your own foods is a necessity.  As more homes are being built with electrical appliances including fireplaces, dependence on electricity which can be shut down with a sudden storm leads a household vulnerable. You MUST be physically fit, far to many people cannot walk to the corner let alone walk around the block, myself included. You MUST teach your family how to survive without a microwave, fast food, cable and a video game. Why?

What happens tomorrow is not known by anyone. As Believers we are told to be ready for the Son’s return not knowing the day or the hour however we do know that emergencies happen. June 1 marks the beginning of hurricane season, if a bad hurricane were to come through my area my family would be fine but not everyone believes in prepping. In other parts of the country there are some who had difficulty surviving the winter storms. Extreme temperatures, floods and fires are all emergencies that happen today which lead to outages and shortages; many are not ready.  What happens when the government cannot or will not help you?

Consider who those who entered this country illegally had better care to services than many veterans who served this country. It is only with recent events that America’s veterans have been given priority. Many of the politicians people are dependent on chose to make illegal aliens a priority over United States citizens.

Two things you must do right now get healthy and study.  Study your Bible and your environment. Then begin to prepare as if you will not have running water, electricity or enough money to buy food. Study as if your government will not be there for you. Study as if you need to know the word of God for yourself in order to survive, that is what I have been doing.    xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

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