Monday, May 22, 2017


Lately gardening has consumed much of my non-writing time. Gardening is key to my transition from living in an urban community to the country and requires a discipline that I did not have.

It is like driving. Getting in the habit of moving your car forward while being aware of all that is going on around you, cars coming and going, street signs and unexpected events like a child running after a ball, can be overwhelming at first. Eventually you develop driving skills and can “stop on a dime,”  weave through rush our traffic and navigate wild life on a dark dirt road. Developing gardening skills is like driving.

There is more to agriculture than watering seeds. Soil quality, weather reports and predators are just a few of the things I am learning to be conscious of. Since I have a container garden I understand that size matters! And I need to have the next container ready. Failure to have the proper soil, too much or not enough rain, pest that go unchecked or a container that is too small can lead to crop failure.

Last season was a test run. Now the real deal begins and already I am running behind schedule! I
have sweet potatoes that need to be planted!

In addition, I have had to take a few steps back and study how to grow my plants. Ignorance is a seed killer!

On a more positive note: I have a moringa olifera plant growing! If you don’t know about moringa just wait I am working on a few blogs and will share my personal experiences as I am taking Moringa as a supplement.  —written by Marsha L F Randolph

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