Monday, May 1, 2017

No Political Affiliation: A LACK OF...

It is clear to anyone who has a smidgen of moral restraint that today’s politicians lack quite a few skills necessary to represent a group of people. The main skill lacking is integrity.

Integrity- the ability to maintain a particular stance, usually based on ethics, regardless of the opinions of others or the adverse consequences it may cause to ones’ self.

To say that Congress has a majority of immoral, unethical representatives is believable by most Americans today. Why? Because of the state of this nation. The voice of the people is not heard because of the financial contributions, glorified bribes, of various groups to various congressional representatives.

How do illegal aliens obtain housing, food, and health care faster than American veterans in need of housing food and health care?  Congressional representatives are supported by liberal ideology found within various media outlets to ensure the protection of illegal aliens while ignoring what is happening to the citizens of this country- suicides among veterans is not a news worthy topic.

The people who need representation the most cannot afford to financially contribute to the campaigns (bribe) of the representatives. People vote political affiliation because they think the party platform is about “we the people,”  it is not. However, lack of income cannot be a reason to continue supporting political parties. Books at the library are free and so are the newspapers that can be read there. Though special interest groups can buy various Congressional representatives if voters were to become more knowledgeable regarding a candidate, not the political party, there would be a change in how the nation is run.

I was thinking about how angry many are about the Confederate flag and other things that reminded some of pre-civil war south. It’s amazing that the very people who are upset about history that can be ignored but not erased celebrate vulgar music with lyrics that refer to women as  [EXCUSE THE LANGUAGE] ‘bitches’ and ‘whores’ which is far more derogatory. Consider the outlandish behavior of some Congressional representatives when they placed, in the congressional building, a picture that portrayed police officers as pigs; far more disrespectful than the Confederate Flag. I call all of this behavior - majoring in the minors; it is childish behavior that will not clear up the water in Flint, Michigan.

Yes, it is a lack of integrity that plagues this nation. Who dares to stand up for what is right and not what is profitable. Why does party loyalty trump representing the people? Why do our congressional representatives accept, indirect, financial support from corporations that do not have the people’s best interest at heart’ companies like Monsanto.

No, the people are just as guilty. Far to many “Millennials,” as they are called, refuse to accept any responsibility for their lives. People over 60 are looking for their “benefits” even what they did not put into the system- regardless of how it effects this country’s financial status. African-Americans’ still want their ‘40 acres and a mule’ in the form of free education. Low income individuals want everything they can get that is free. These various groups vote for people they think are going to give them what they want.

The media manipulates their listeners to promote a specific ideology. Politicians tell voters what they want to hear knowing that they will be obligated to various organizations when they win. As long as people keep voting for a particular alphabet Congress will continue to be plagued with those who lack integrity. And as long as voters refuse to be personally accountable for their vote and simply vote for the “D” -Democrat or “R”- Republican then America will continue to have problems.

President Donald Trump is one man, he is not God, he is not the Saviour. President Trump cannot do everything that America needs as long as people continue to be more concerned about statures that have been around for over 50 years than career politicians that have yet to accomplish even a balanced budget.  xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

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