Monday, June 26, 2017


One of the problems I have with Flea Markets- a place where individuals attempt to sell their products in an open environment- is how the concept has been hijacked. Like many other things a Flea Market has become a place where anything and everything can be sold including items that are not homemade or not found in most stores. Flea Markets should be community or church yard sales.

That does not mean we should not support these venues, great things can be found in these, traditionally, open air places of business. In addition this is where you can meet individuals who make exactly what you need and be able to order direct in the future.

I suspect, many young people today fail to fully appreciate the old fashioned Flea Market. Back in the day, there were no air conditioned buildings and much of what you saw was homemade, fresh from the farm.  Things like: quilts, furniture made from wood, fresh fruit and vegetables and of course eggs could be purchased or maybe even bartered at the Flea Market. The goal was to find quality products at a reasonable price. Many consumers, particularly young people, seek the new “in” thing- overpriced gadgets that will last a few years if that long.

In the fall I will be partnering with a fellow crafter to present my wares for sell at various markets. I am looking forward to meeting that one customer who is looking for quality: soap, candles, wash cloths and blankets. My friend sells gift baskets.

Of course my friend and I sell our products now, it is how we fund making more. As a crafter I make what I like if I did not sell them I would not have room in my house to make more.

Recently my friend sold a baby blanket, someone called asking for one to be made.  She asked: “What color?” She had a variety of colors already made so there was no need to make one. She does not have any infant grandchildren but she does like making baby blankets.

Unlike many people who knit, crochet sew, make soap or candles our products are more on the practical side. Everything I make and my friend makes is meant to be used not displayed. Flea Markets are a great place to find things you need for everyday usage.  —written by Marsha L F Randolph

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