Monday, June 12, 2017


I have heard of Square Foot Gardening, Back to Eden Gardens, Aquaponics Gardening, Permaculture Gardening and of course Container Gardens. The one type I do not fully understand is Permaculture.

I have half-heartedly been researching Permaculture and quite frankly many of the individuals explain the process in such a convoluted way that I decided it was not for me.There was something about the process that seemed to take the joy out of growing stuff.

From what I can gather the key to successful Permaculture farming is to utilize as many permanent plants and trees as possible while incorporating other plants, annuals, in such a way as to have continuous crop incorporating the nutrients provided by other plants as fertilizer. Once established a Permaculture farm becomes self sustaining, I think.

Because I have seen, via YouTube, the results of individuals who utilize this type of farming it is definitely doable, it just takes a lot of thinking, planning and initial labor; with a few adjustments along the way. Crop location and rotation is essential as is knowing what plants will grow with, companion, other plants. It is also important to know how certain vegetation effects the ground. (I think.)

Back in the day before farming became a science a person knew what he or she needed to grow and planted it. I think, common sense was prevalent back then because eventually people figured what worked and what didn’t work and they did not have Home Depot or Lowe’s to run to when they needed something.

Who knew that pig slop would fertilize the ground?  Back then the farmers would throw garbage ou
t to feed the pigs, because there was not a garbage disposal, and, unaware by them, the ground would be nourished. If you dropped some seeds under the apple tree and stuff started growing you did it again only with more seeds. If seeds grew better when you put cow manure on them you put cow manure on them again- it was your secret to success.

There were no grocery stores thus you always had to have a source of food.  As a farmer you used whatever nature had to offer to help produce a long harvest- I think they call it Permaculture today.  --- written by Marsha L F Randolph

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