Thursday, June 8, 2017


I was just thinking; actually I was sitting on the porch shaking my head! This woman I know is going back to the man she was with five years ago.  He was verbally abusive, lazy, and unable to keep a job. He did not help her cook or clean. She worked hard to keep the lights on and he spent the day hanging out with friends. He had no intentions of marrying her and she finally had enough and left.
She got a place of her own and was active in the community. She even got a better job.  Life was going very well for her, at least I thought it was. Her problem is she went home alone every day. Most people don’t know how to handle being alone.
I kept telling her she needed to find her purpose and that purpose would do two things: give her something to do that would keep her mind off of self and position her to meet Mr. Right. Well she ignored me. She focused on a job that she did not really like and received a promotion. Her department ran so smoothly that even when she was not there it was as if she was there. This gave her a lot of free time.
One day she was talking to friends that she and her ex-boyfriend used to associate with and he happened to show up. (On purpose or by accident who knows.) They got to talking and he asked her to meet him for lunch, which she did. The lunch turned to an extended afternoon at her place which turned into dinner.
He was there when I called her the next morning to ask about a church related matter. I was livid! I was so angry as she joyfully explained to me that she was fixing him some breakfast.
Later, she came over to my place to ask why I was so mad!
I was still angry but I tried to point out the obvious. I rattled off a series of questions and answers.
Is he working?
Not really.
Is he cleaning his house?
He has a friend staying there who cleans for him.
Is the friend male or female?
It is a female but they are not really serious.
Are you serious? Do you think they are not intimate?
He said they were not.
When did he stop lying?

Loneliness is a breeding ground for trouble. There are so many dumb decisions we can make just because we are lonely. We spend to much money, eat to much food, drink to much and take drugs AND we get in the wrong relationship.

We all have a natural need to love. Loving the one you are with just because that person is the only one around is never a good idea.  Giving love to someone who does not know how to receive love with gratitude is wasted love.

Well, by the time I finished talking, yelling, at my friend (in love) she decided to go on a church retreat that she had previously said she was not going to go on.  Yes, I shamed her. My prayer is when she comes back she will have a better way of seeing things.    —written by Marsha L F Randolph

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