Saturday, May 6, 2017


As a Blogger I have learned: people will read my post if it is less than 500 words and has a catchy title. As a Vlogger I learned: people will watch your video if it is less than seven minutes, has a catchy title and an interesting picture. Why?

I really do not know why. I think the world has become a “mini-info” place; people want the smallest amount of information preferably something that does not force them to think. Very few people want to be responsible for the realities of life.

I have heard reference to “the microwave generation” but it is not one generation that chooses to be ‘less informed’. As I watch people from all walks of life stand in line, sometimes overnight, for a cell phone I know that it is not because of lack of time that many refuse to read more. Perhaps what we have is a “culture of immediate gratification” meaning people want what makes them feel good not what encourages them to think.

During the past election cycle I was amazed at how often I heard people quote, almost verbatim, what was said on the news about a particular candidate. On social media, particularly after the election, the amount of news articles that had deceiving headlines were shared without actually validating the story. The rules of Social Media engagement have become: If someone said it in less than 30 seconds it could be repeated; if someone wrote it in less than 10 words it could be shared. It takes a lot of time and effort to actually research information presented.

Not everything should be presented in seven minutes or stated in 500 words or less. In order for a person to develop his or her own opinion you must receive as much information as possible. 

For example: years ago I listened to a 2 hour video on genetically modified products, GMOs. I did not think much about the information and tuned out much of the presentation. News stories, such as they were, on the product were presented as ‘nothing to be concerned about.’ Last year I started paying attention and realized the dangers of and the proliferation of GMO products into society. My learning of the product is based on hours of listening and thousands of words read.

As I approach the 500 word mark I must sum things up!

It is easy to deceive people when they don’t want to read or hear about a topic but know they should at least be aware of it.  A 30 second commercial can tell you with loud noise, extreme colors and words of excitement how great a product is and avoid telling you why you should not buy it. Ninety minutes of church service, start to finish,is more palatable than 60 minutes of Bible teaching. A history book is more informative than a news personality presenting an opinion. Be not be deceived you need more than 500 words.       Word count 500!   xxx written by Marsha L F Randolph

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