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Who can you depend on in an emergency? Should you lose all of your possessions because your house burned down at 3 in the morning, who could you call for help?

Part of being prepared is knowing who you can depend on. Having experienced hurricanes, category 1-3, and a blizzard I remember who reached out to me before during and after. Fortunately, we were ready for just about everything except one thing.

My goal is to not need neighbors, friends or families but in case I did I know who I might be able to call and who I cannot call.

 My police officer neighbor- he has a mind my own business I have enough to do at work attitude.
My recently single neighbor- regardless of the emergency he would be the first to leave town- on his boat, on his motorcycle or in his truck.
Most of the families on my block- they are oblivious to anything happening in the world, and are last minute hurricane shoppers.
Family who live nearby. They have already proven that their assistance would be limited.


  1.  An aunt 
  2.  A friend with limited income and resources but whatever she has she would share or give.
  3.  A Pastor friend of mine. I have called her at 3 in the morning for emotional support during a time of crisis, she answered the phone and talked as if it was 3 in the afternoon. During that time her small church helped me financially.

Unfortunately, those who could help me in case my home burned to the ground at 3 in the morning have limited resources. It would be an imposition on them for me to ask and I am not one to impose.

Of your list: who could you really depend on?

  • Who could feed you and your family?
  • Who could purchase you clothes?
  • Who would let you stay at their home for a unknown number of days? Or help pay for a hotel stay?
  • Who would give you cash and not expect you to pay it back???

We need: food and water, clothes and shelter, and it all cost money. The list of people who could help dwindles when you consider the giving nature of your friends and family and compare it to the level of inconvenience helping you would cause them and their family.

Not everyone wants to have you as a guest in their home for a prolonged period of time. Perhaps it is because they have presented themselves as someone they are not and your emergency will reveal their own personal emergencies. This is why you should be prepared for any emergency.

Last minute readiness is not being ready. Far to many people prepare for an emergency at the last minute and become angry when the people they thought would help don’t.  Others depend on their credit card to get them through and suffer the consequences. The government can only do so much.

Your emergency plans need to include I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) contact information. People who would respond positively when you call.

Would my family really leave me hungry and homeless? No! But, when my mother was alive she was part of my emergency evacuation plan, for the past 9 years I have been trying to come up with a new one. Right now, if we had to evacuate we would be going to a hotel.
   —written by MARSHA L F RANDOLPH


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