The Truth About Vashtai Cover
The Truth About Vashtai is based on the character find in the book of Esther. Vashtai was the Kings 1st wife, like many women of today she was replaced by a younger woman. How did Vashtai handle rejection read THE TRUTH ABOUT VASHTAI and discover.
Note this is the only FICTION I have published to date.

I wrote this as I was reading the book of Luke. It occured to me that many of the questions I had were not fully addressed in church. I don't have all the answers, perhaps I never will, I share my questions and the Scriptures to help facilitate others as they too search Jehovah's word for answers.  This is a great tool for small Bible Study groups.

If I was to ever write my biography the concepts found in MOVING FORWARD BY FAITH would be in it. When I first released this eBook it was very autobiographical.  I have since revised it to make sure that other readers would know that she (or he) could get through whatever problems they were having.

I wrote PRAY FOR ME out of frustration- really!  So many people doubt the Word of God or they think thebook-cover-before-you-pray-for-mey have to do more to get our heavenly Father to help them in their time of need. God is love not punishment.
My original title for this was DON'T Pray for Me but then I realized that people are sincere in their prayers they just do not fully understand the elements involved in prayer so their words do not reach the heavens.  Part 1 of BEFORE YOU PRAY FOR ME  are the basic basics and really worth visiting even if you have been praying for years.
The compliment to this eBook is PRAYER GUIDE.  This is a loose outline of who we should be praying for in a particular order but not necessarily in the order you may want to use. Nor is it intended to be used as legalistic document; in other words you don't have to pray for everything that is mentioned in the eBook.

I live in a hurricane zone so getting ready for emergencies is not a new concept. What is new is this idea of Christians' Prepping, at least for me it is. As communities are plagued with bad water for months, experience no electricity for weeks, and have to evacuate for numerous reasons the realities of the advantages of being prepared become more obvious. In YOU'RE NOT READY  I look at the basics of emergency preparedness and share what the Bible says about it.
YOU'RE NOT READY is an introduction to being prepared I believe it is a good place to start.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 John 1:2